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Malama - A Spiritual Adventure for the protection of the Whales and Dolphins by DeeDee Bader
This heartwarming enchanting novel is lovingly written by my dear friend DeeDee Bader. It is a true masterpiece. Entertaining and spiritually inspiring, this story opens the reader's heart for the wisdom and power of love that is much more mighty than greed and ignorance. It is a story about a woman who falls in love with Hawaii and connects with the majestic beautiful beings of the oceans, the whales and dolphins. She experiences her body as pure energy and so, together with the whales, she finds a way to peacefully convince the whalers to stop the whaling. DeeDee's personal experiences with whales and her deep connection with Hawaii is woven into this novel, with her authentical message for loving and respectful mindfulness towards all living creatures. You will love this wonderful book!
Price: $14.50

Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse - Kaleah LaRoche
Having been or still being in an abusive relationship with a narcissist is an extremely traumatic experience, leaving you powerless, psychically worn out, and robbed of all your life joy, self-esteem and life force. Recovery can be a long way and difficult. Kaleah, having experienced two such relationships herself, has created an outstanding book, filled with powerful practical tips for fast and deep recovery, that gives you a whole help-programm. If you have someone in your life with narcissistic personality disorder and need help to recover from a partnership with them, this book is definitely a must read. You will not only learn what happens on the energetic level, but also get clear, powerful instructions how to claim your life back.
"With this E-book not only will you learn how to disconnect the energetic chords between you and the narcissist and protect yourself psychically from his/her energy, you will also learn how you can use your experiences with narcissism to make you stronger and more powerful than you have ever been before!"
Comes with a bonus book "Psychic Conversations". Kaleah is also a musician, and in her book is also included some of the music, stories, and poetry she wrote during her own spiritual journey of recovery.
Price: $19.97

The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self

The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self - Asoka Selvarajah
Your Higher Self - the higher part of your consciousness that is not incarnated but remains connected with the cosmic mind, keeping the overview on the complete picture - is constantly seeking to supervise you, to guide you to your highest good, and to gently push you towards your main goal that you have set for your current life time before you incarnated. You can train to attune yourself and clear your channels, so you can consciously communicate with your Higher Self and clearly understand it's messages. Once the bridge between consciousness and higher consciousness is restored, you have unlocked your infinite source of inspiration, solutions, and unfolding potential.
This beautifully written book teaches "How To Develop Inner Confidence, Esteem & Empowerment - Overcoming Inner Roadblocks To Attain The Life You Dream Of. It's packed with strategies to unlock your life potential and free inner barriers that have held you back all these years."
Included is a one-year FREE subscription to the Golden Secrets weekly coaching ezine and three one-on-one personal e-mail consultations with Asoka.
Price: $59.97

Our Ultimate Reality

Our Ultimate Reality - Adrian Cooper
In this 572 pages, 115 chapters, gem of book the author shares his 40 years of experience, revealing the true nature of the universe, the spheres of reality, and a treasure of wisdom and knowledge. "During the course of your voyage of discovery through Our Ultimate Reality you will learn the truth about yourself, the true nature of reality and of the Universe in all of its glorious spheres of life and reality, and of your true destiny and most importantly how to realize your destiny for yourself, thus learning and realizing the true meaning of Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind.
Here is just some of the life changing knowledge you will find in Our Ultimate Reality:
- Discover your infinite, immortal Spiritual nature, and what it really means
- Discover the importance of Energy, Vibration and Mind
- Discover the truth about the afterlife, reincarnation and karma
- Discover your true destiny, and the Spiritual growth to realize it
- Discover the true nature of the Universe in all spheres of reality
- How to attract abundance and anything you need, wish for or desire
- How to remain healthy and heal any ailment, however serious it might seem
- How to achieve Astral Projection and OBE's and the 3 best methods for each
- How to visit where you will go to after "death" and visit "deceased" people
- How to contact your Higher-Self to find the true answers to important questions"
Price: $37

How to get lots of Money for Anything Fast

How to get lots of Money for Anything Fast - Stuart Lichtman
Despite it's funny title, this book is not about money (although of course you can use it for creating lots of money or whatever else you desire). It is a totally unique approach to master the creation of your dream life - really one of a kind. Stuart, in his early years, has discovered a surefire method to create miracles on demand and since then has refined and developed his method. He calls it Cybernetic Transposition. Simply put, cybernetic transposition describes that actually our brain consists of four parts which all "speak" different languages, for example our left brain understands words and logic structures, while the right brain does not understand these abstract symbols, but uses pictures and patterns, the mid-brain speaks in emotions, and the brain stem uses physical sensations. Here lies the reason why mere visualization rarely results in a desired outcome - other brain areas simply do not understand what the visualizing part is saying. Cybernetic transposition creates a multi-lingual message so our whole brain does exactly understand what we want, which builds up a holistic energy form, that our executive subconscious immediately acts on. This course teaches, how to effectively create statements that are clear to our entire being, to break through all limitations, and to go for the impossible and dare to pull out all the stops. An incredible powerful work. With the book you will also get a series of work sheets, audio exercises and a series of surprise add-on material. At first glance the price may seem high for an ebook, but I can tell you, it's peanuts as Stuart truly does over deliver with all the powerful add-ons, actually it's a complete learning system. From my own experience I can promise you, if you follow through and practice, there is nothing you couldn't create. Take the challenge and go beyond your imagination. Be bold, baby! You already possess a miraculous tool, your amazing brain - learn to use it's whole potential.
Price: $79.50

Power Surge

Power Surge - Annemarie Doolin
Annemarie's great little book definitely deserves special attention. It completes the circle of understanding on how the interaction between your environment and your energetic vibration affects your wealth attraction level. Did you know that even the little things used in day to day life, like the plastic pen you use to take notes, or the bags for running errands, the words printed on those little unnoticed things, transmit messages into your subconscious and thus affect your attraction point? The author guides you, how to realize the details in your environment and change them, to consciously support you to achieve your desired goals. Even tiny replacements that you can do right now, will have a big impact on raising your energy. "Now you have an incredible new formula for living. Its success cemented in quantum physics Uncover the secret messages everything is transmitting to you. Use this INCREDIBLE new technique to write the script you deserve (without limits this time!). Re-activate your manifestation power and get started immediately. discover the hidden messages in everything around you, win your own game and have a blast doing it... you can NOW!"
Price: $23.97

The Personal Power Course

The Personal Power Course - Wallace D. Wattles
Wallace D. Wattles is known for his classic "The Science of Getting Rich". The power course is his long lost book, that shows you how to correctly use your creative power to finally get whatever you want. "Ten lessons in Constructive Science, teaching you how to use your own sub-conscious energies for health, prosperity and personal achievement."
Lesson 1 - Fundamentals
Lesson 2 - The Physical Side of Health-Culture
Lesson 3 - The Mental Side of Health-Culture
Lesson 4 - The Physical Side of Wealth-Culture
Lesson 5 - The Mental Side of Wealth-Culture
Lesson 6 - The Development of Talent
Lesson 7 - The Retention of Youth
Lesson 8 - Marital Happiness
Lesson 9 - Special Application
Lesson 10 - Opportunity
Another 8 writings by Wallace D. Wattles are included as bonus.
Price: $49.00

The Missing Mother Handbook

The Missing Mother Handbook with audio - Carna Zacharias
If you are trying too hard to achieve your desired goals and everything feels like a huge effort with minimal results, if you find yourself stuck in a repetitive circle of the same experiences over and over again, if you can't seem to solve your hidden self-sabotage blockages or constantly feel an underlying sadness in whatever you do - you might suffer from a missing mother wound. This does not have to be a physical loss of your mother in your childhood, but also when the little child that you have been felt a psychological absence of the mother. Carna has developed special EFT protocols that you can work with to release this feeling of loss and resignation, sadness, and emotional loneliness, while you grow the strength and nurturing of your inner mother.
"This easy to follow, step-by-step workbook and the tap along audios show you how to release negative emotions that stand in the way of your happiness. You will learn how to heal childhood abandonment and rejection with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT, a gentle tapping technique that aligns the body's energy system, is a highly effective healing method. If you are not familiar with EFT, the book will teach you how to do it."
Working with this book and these audio recordings will
 * Release the emotional charge of longstanding, painful childhood emotions
 * Give you the wording for your tapping sessions
 * Encourage you to find your specific issues so you can go deeper
 * Create -often very powerful- cognitive shifts
 * Make you feel better, lighter, more positive and in control of your life
88 pages plus 16 audio recordings
Price: $32.00

I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

I Create Reality - Christopher Westra
"Beyond Visualization" How to Manifest Your Heart's Desires With Holographic Creation
If you have tried to visualize your goals and given up because either you have difficulties to "see" with your inner eyes or anyway your results were less than you desired, then you will be happy to hear that you are not alone. To create a powerful energetic "universal order" it takes more than mere visualization. Now you can learn the easy way, how to blow life into your imagination, so your brain can't tell the difference between physical experience or your imagination - and just naturally brings about the results you want. This remarkable book teaches you " how to create Baby Holograms of your desires out of light and sound. These are real entities. Then you learn how to send these Baby Holograms into the soil of the Universe. They will grow into Full-Size Holograms that you will meet in Physical Existence." Christopher calls this process Holographic Creation (HoloCreation).
This book is available in 3 different versions: book only, or book with audio (both versions with bonus books), or audio only. Bonus book: Realms of Joy - Time of Light (see below). Note: if you want to buy the package with both these books plus bonuses, without audio, you can either go to the I Create Reality URL below or the Realms of Joy URL next in list below, both packages are the same. However, if you wish to get the audio version for both books, you can buy this package with audio, and for Realms of Joy you can get the additional audio for only $10.00 (see Realms of Joy below).
Includes several other bonus books plus 15 Minute Phone Consultation
Price: $28.19, book with audio: $35, audio only: $10.00

Realms of Joy - Time of Light

Realms of Joy - Time of Light - Christopher Westra
How You Can Master Holographic Time for Extreme Wealth and Peace. This beautiful book is about how to transform your life by living in holographic time rather than linear time. It is one of my personal Wow-books as it literally caused a sudden burst of habitual neurological transmission, resulting in an expanded perception of the timeless NOW. Once you realize the illusion of linear time, you will experience a shift of your conscious awareness and you will truly acknowledge your unlimited possibilities.
Same package as above, this time with bonus I Create Reality. Note: if you want to buy the package with both these books plus bonuses, without audio, you can either go to the Realms of Joy URL below or the I Create Reality URL above, both packages are the same. However, if you wish to get the audio version for both books, you can buy this package with audio, and for I Create Reality you can get the additional audio for only $10.00 (see URL above).
Includes several other bonus books plus 15 Minute Phone Consultation
Price: $28.19, with audio: $35, audio only: $10.00

I Create Millions

I Create Millions - Christopher Westra
How You Can Manifest Your Millions with 87 Specific Money Mastery Methods! Learn the principles of wealth attraction from the inside out. With 87 different methods you can release the stops and free your creative power, so you will discover the wealth you are born with and how to claim it for flowing into your physical reality.
Discover the Mental Shifts necessary for your Million!
Learn why Ten Million New Millionaires are being created
Know and Use the specific Money Mastery Methods of 13 Creators
Increase your Imagination, Creativity, Confidence, and Skill
Learn the real difference between Money and Wealth
Experience an amazing Variety of Practical Money Ideas
7 bonus books and free 15 minute consultation on Money Mastery Methods
Price: $28.19

Get the Money

Get the Money - Tom Pauley & Penelope Pauley
Tom & Penelope Pauley are well known for their wealth generating programs. This one is not just a book, it's a huge package, a treasure of infectious positive power. You are given a whole set of tools to unlock your money flow. Included is also the famous book
I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams
as well as Bob Doyle's Secrets for Living Rich Now! and
Joe Vitale's Secrets for Living Rich Now!
Plus the Special Bonus Package:
 - Tapping into Abundance - Brad Yates
 - Focus Automatically - Pat O'Bryan
 - Money Making Secrets of Mind Power Masters - Andreas Ohrt
 - 50% off Any Class at GrantMeRich.com
 - Exploring the Quantum Mind - John Barker
 - "Drops of Inspiration" - Shelby Collinge
 - Wake Up To The Dream: How To Make Your Dreams A Reality NOW! - Eva Gregory
Price: $35.00

Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary - Silvia Hartmann
Project Sanctuary is not just a book. It is a travel and language guide that takes you on the most adventurous journey - into the landscapes, countries and cities of your inner realm. Learn the metaphorical language of your subconscious, and claim the kingdom that is rightfully yours. Build your home, your yard and village, invite guardians, spiritual teachers, healers, or abundance angels, reveal the shapes of obstacles and reshape them into powerful allies, find creative problem solutions...it's like the magic word that opens the hidden treasure of your power and abundance. The possibilities are endless. Once you understand how to communicate with your subconscious mind, it will joyfully let you access it's records. You will be shocked about how playful and creative it can be, to master your life and create whatever you desire. Master yourself, master your destiny. Project Sanctuary hands you over the golden key. And the best: it's fun.
Project Sanctuary is available as ebook or hard copy, or in a set with the guided Far Journey audios (recommended) - see also my review.
Price ebook: $ 39.95, with Far Journeys MP3's: $114.95
paperback: $49.95, with Far Journey Audio CD's: $149.95

Millionaire Mindset

The Millionaire Mindset - Boris Vene and Nikola Grubisa
Every once in a while a book is written, that bears the potential to revolutionize the human mind and with this to push the evolution to a higher level. The Millionaire Mindset, written by Boris Vene and Nikola Grubisa, with a foreword by Dr. Joe Vitale, signed by Sai Baba, is one of these rare gems. It is not just about money, but about wealth consciousness. In this book you will learn and understand that you have everything you need to change your life and become the abundance that you have always been. You will learn, what kind of false lack beliefs have been in your way, what you can do here and now, step by step. You will learn how your subconscious mind works and how to make your subconscious and your conscious mind working together as a team, taking over responsibility for everything that happens in your life - and with this taking back your power. The first part of the book covers the cleanse of the old poverty mindset and the "installation" of the new wealth mindset. The second part is about money, how it works, and very practical plans to go from working for money to having money working for you, how and where to invest and much more.
Read my full review here
Price: $ 39.95

The Science of Success

The Science of Success - James Arthur Ray
Using what he calls the Seven SuperLaws and the Seven Power Principles, James takes complex, time-proven concepts and combines them with fun stories and powerful anecdotes - presenting you with a proven path to your ultimate achievement. You will learn that you are able to achieve unlimited success by following a series of tested and proven actions. This book will give you the words you need to understand why success can be achieved by any person, in any situation, under any circumstance.
More details about James Ray can be read in my review
Price ebook: $10.95, paperback: $14.95, Learningsystem: $117.00

Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality - James Arthur Ray
In Practical Spirituality, you'll learn how to access that infinite source within - the unlimited powerhouse that you are - to create the life you desire and deserve. The human being is a spiritual being living in a physical body... Even though you are a spiritual being, you're still living in a physical reality; and you must produce practical and tangible results in this world or you simply cannot accomplish your mission in this lifetime.
More details about James Ray can be read in my review
Price ebook: $12.95, paperback: $24.95, Audio CD $39.95

Law of Attraction Success
Law of Attraction Free Jewels for Everyday book (valued at $47) +
Master Key System Free 24 weeks of transformation - Master Key course incl. audio (valued at $247) . +
Self-development A Bonus Free subscription to Mindpowerjewel's tips (valued at $197 per year)!

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