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Silvia Hartmann - Hypnotrance

Silvia Hartmann is the gifted creator of EmoTrance, a brilliant yet simple system which heals emotional imbalances through the energy system. She also has created Project Sanctuary and many wonderful hypnotrance audios.

To me, Silvia's work is like a unique precious flower in an enchanted garden. She is truly gifted in the outstanding art to tell healing fairy tales. Her hypnotrance sessions are unlike anything else in this area. If you expect the usual "you are now deeply relaxed, 5-4-3-2-1" then you will be very surprised. Instead of the usual, each hypnotrance session tells a little story which is gentle yet powerful. It's unique power comes from its metaphorical beauty. It is the direct language of the unconscious mind, speaking in pictures and metaphors, which the rational mind loves and the intuitional mind understands. It is the missing piece that touches our innermost core, where we cannot get through with usual learning programs, not even affirmations. These hypnotizing and healing stories interact with our deepest innocent being, our natural magic. Silvia's work is composed of deep soul-poetry, pure beauty and direct picture language developed into a system, accompanied by the musician Ananga Sivyer, whose flute cannot be called anything other than heavenly. This is a system, where healing means the power of beauty; perhaps because it allows us to vibrate this being inside ourselves, which reminds us of our own natural beauty, gifts, and power. Everything else just falls away with ease; maybe, because it evokes our inner soul's whispering and with it, the excitement we felt when we where children. We fall directly into our center point, revealing the most important key: to fall in love with life itself.

Project SanctuaryAnother of my favorites is Project Sanctuary. I suggest you get the package with the book and the Far Journeys audios. Now, it is not just a book but rather it's a map of your own inner manifesting realm; a guide for your unique garden, buildings, architecture; and a language and travel guide all rolled into one. Project Sanctuary shows us how we create and recreate our blueprint for problem solving, healing and manifestation and how to get information about our inner archives so we can sort out and decide what to keep, what to clean, where to build on or what to delete. It is not only easy but pure fun and joy. When I started my Sanctuary creation, I felt a light laughter rising up from my depths - a heavenly joy of sudden awareness. I realized how amazingly easy it actually is to manifest reality. And, in fact, I realized there is no secret at all. It is always directly in front of us...yet too close, too familiar to recognize. We are carrying all the magic tools within us every single moment in our lives. We just forgot how to use them in the right way. How could we forget the magic fairy tales and open-heartedness of our childhood?
Project Sanctuary takes you by the hand and says "Look, here is the portal of your garden!"
The companion audio set Far Journeys, deepens the experience and re-evokes the joyful skills of creation.
To read more and buy go to: Far Journeys & Project Sanctuary Book

If you want to go even deeper into the subject, you can get the wonderful online learning course, including certification.
To read more and buy go to: Sidereus Project Sanctuary with or without tutor support

Another one of my favorites is, The Appollonius Quartet. This is a set of four hypno-sessions, for Improving Psychic Skills, Paranormal Abilities with Energy Hypnosis. "Para"normal abilities are in fact very natural abilities, buried by centuries of imbalance, belief of lack, destiny, worry etc. There is a lot of stuff out there promising to help you develop such skills, and I would not recommend or use most of them because spiritual evolution cannot be gained by so-called supernatural skills that just serve to boost the ego. However, cleansing our channels and healing our energy system is essential for receiving clarity and guidance by our Higher Self. True psychic skills are a result of releasing shields and blockages, and clear communication between our neurology, energy system and psychic circuitry. Appollonius Quartet improves all these aspects.
To read more and buy go to: The Appollonius Quartet

HypnoDreams is available in three parts:
HypnoDreams 1: The Wisdom of the Water
HypnoDreams 2: Heart Healing
HypnoDreams 3: Freedom
HypnoDreams are powerful healing dreams which restore the inner harmony and experiences of re-alignment and expansion. Each one has seven to eight different dreams, each of them is a gem of wonderful energy clearing and recharging experience. They are available separately or in a package of three. You can choose between the downloadable mp3s, or as an audio CD collection shipped to your home. You can even receive an mp3 player loaded with all three parts:
To read more and buy go to: HypnoDreams

The other products that I love dearly and recommend are:
Emo Trance, a real first aid for any emotional disturbance.
To read more and buy go to: EmoTrance Soften & Flow.

Energy Dancing: Energy Self Healing Through Movement & Music. Energy dancing increases the energy flow throughout the body. This causes emotions to change for the better, as well as being a very fast method to de-stress and re-energize profoundly, in under five minutes.
To read more and buy go to: Energy Dancing

Another tool in my first aid kit is Life, And Love of Life. It is just heavenly beautiful, and melts away fears, blue feelings and disappointments by evoking the inner healing powers.
To read more and buy go to: Life, And Love of Life

The Secret Song: Bring More Luck Into Your Life! is just like building a bridge to our nature of luck
To read more and buy go to: The Secret Song

Star Diamond belongs to my first aid kit as well. It is like a short power wellness trip whenever you feel stressed or burned out. It lets you rest deep in your roots and with complete letting go, your system can recharge.
To read more and buy go to: Star Diamond

There are a lot more, and you may want to check the store, maybe you will find a gem that I have missed, and that you fall in love with. Happy looking around at Dragon Rising

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