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Brain Sync - Brain Wave Therapy

Kelly Howell is the founder of Brain Sync and she could be called master of guided meditation. Her angel-like voice, the beauty and power of hundreds of titles, and the combination of Alpha, Theta and Delta waves make her meditation products a deeply healing, life changing experience.

Brain Sync - Brain Wave Therapy I knew of Kelly Howell for quite some years and had a few of her titles. But I have to admit, they were just part of my collection. Until last year when I got my hands on her new meditation, The Secret Universal Mind Meditation. That was an "awakening point," where my attention opened widely to Kelly's amazing work. I guess that was when I realized what a treasure I already had by owning about ten of her other titles. However, The Secret meditation simply blew me away. It is based on the wonderful book,
Three Magic Words by U. S. Anderson, written 1954, which is one of the most beautiful books revealing the power of the human mind and the Law of Attraction. The Secret meditation is a one hour title, with Kelly speaking the meditations from Three Magic Words, with part one being audible and part two as subliminal messages with beautiful background music and Theta & Delta waves. It is designed to be listened to before and during sleep and while sleeping. If used for 6 weeks, every night, the results are amazing. Obstacles gently melt away, a positive attitude continually grows and can be noticed, and good things start to happen. This meditation literally infuses every cell and atom with love and grace. You can get this title here:

While The Secret Universal Mind Meditation is spoken in the first person, there is now The Secret Universal Mind Meditation II which is spoken in the second person and serves as an addition. I haven't tried it myself, but it is said, if both are used alternately, the effects are amazingly speeded up. You can get this second part here:

The Secret series also has two other wonderful titles, that address specific themes and effectively help to create desired results in a short time:

Another great title, that I have to mention here is Awakening Kundalini. It is a remarkable meditation, which guides you to awakening the source of your cosmic energy, opening your chakras and removing obstacles by clearing the entire energy system, so you can unfold your highest potential. You will soon experience your creativity and insights dramatically increasing. This one is my absolute favorite, and I use it almost every morning. I have had amazing shifts of expanded consciousness, crystal clarity of higher perception, freedom from old limiting energy blocks and a feeling like a new born baby or like bathing in a crystal waterfall that washes away each and every inner and outer obstacle. You can get this meditation here:

The above are only a small selection. Kelly's site offers a lot more - like High Focus, Stress Relief, Increase Creativity, Deep Sleep, Brain Power, Fulfill your Heart's Desire (which is wonderful too), just to name a few. There are just too many to go through them all, so you may want to browse her site and find your favorite titles:

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