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Wealth Beyond Reason - Bob Doyle

If you have seen The Secret, then you know Bob Doyle, who is one of the famous teachers in the Secret movie. He is an expert in the Law of Attraction and his course invites us to "purposefully activate laws of physics to generate the wealth you deserve." Wealth Beyond Reason
Quantum Physics states that there is no such thing as solid matter, but rather, everything is in constant motion. What we focus on either appears as waves or as particles, depending on the expectation of the observer. So, seemingly solid matter is actually energy, visibly manifested as a reflection of where the observer's focus is aimed. This is the Law of Attraction; simplified states that "like attracts like." It is one of the most powerful Universal Laws, and always works with exactitude. If we work with it consciously, we can create the life we desire.

The human mind is constantly communicating with the Universe, or the Quantum Field, which reflects back whatever we broadcast. Now, it is not as simple as just thinking positively - which alone does not have much effect. Most people are disappointed when they think "I am wealthy, I am wealthy" because nothing ever changes. It is a bit more complex than just affirmations and positive thinking.

The Law of Attraction states that: we get more of what we focus our thoughts and attention on. Often we want a certain thing, however, we spend the majority of our day to focus on the absence of that very thing. We can think as positive as possible, but if we FEEL the lacking of having what we want, it is the not having, that we communicate to the Universe. And we just get more of the not having.

Thoughts guide our energy, and it is our energy that needs to be aligned with the desired object or circumstance. In other words, we first need to create the emotional state associated with having what we desire. This changes our frequency, and our frequency forms the visible reflection into our life experience.

The problem is that these changes usually need some training; staying conscious of our thoughts during the day in order to switch focus; releasing unconscious blockages; self-sabotage etc.

This is where Bob Doyle's course Wealth Beyond Reason comes in. It goes into depth as to why what you may have tried before did not work - and guides you to the proper way to make manifesting your desires work. It explains the scientific basis in plain and simple terms and shows you how to release whatever may have blocked your success.

The course provides step by step training, and a wealth of video and audio lessons, interviews, books, and tools.

An essential part of the course concentrates on releasing any blockages that stop abundance by implementing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a wonderful, simple yet highly effective, technique to clean the energy system and get back into the flow of receiving.

This is the most complete course I have ever come across in the self-development area. It provides a practical plan, giving you tasks that guide you through the course, until you get your desired results. I have studied lots of material about manifestation over many years, and with great results in some areas, but in certain matters did not see the desired changes. Bob Doyle's course was a quantum leap in manifesting, and helped me immensely to understand clearly where I made mistakes or what I had missed. I had fantastic results with Wealth Beyond Reason.

The course is offered in different versions to accommodate every budget. There is a small starter course so at least you can get started. However, if you can afford the full course, I would highly recommend you to get it. It is very powerful, and if you follow through, you will experience the life changes that you desire.
The full course includes two very powerful, brilliant Mp3 meditations that Bob created to help apply the new knowledge. One is to help you create your own goals, the other is for creating wealth consciousness. Both work with binaural beats.

If you are really serious about changing your life and living abundantly, which is your birthright, and if you are tired of trial and error without substantial results, then you should get this course.

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