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Mind Movies

Mindmovies is a fantastic program for setting your goals and for the creation of a movie that can easily reprogram your subconscious mind. Even if you are totally new to computers, you will find that making your own movie is a fun and playful process, and in just about 10 minutes you can watch your exciting creation.

The program includes a very comprehensive, easy to follow step by step audio-video tutorial, that you can go back to over and over again and just continue where you have left. The uncomplicated software for the movie creation gives you all the tools, to include your chosen images, affirmations and even music. It's as simple as drag-and-drop your photos into your movie, arrange it, add the music and you are done.

A video coaching session with Lynda Dyer, one of the teachers in The Secret, is also included, to help you to get clear on what you want to achieve, as well as neuro-linguistic essentials that help you to understand how to effectively program your subconscious mind, an image searching tool, and 6 pre-made bonus movies that you can use right away to create your desired goals.

Mind Movies The Gold Package also includes a four part video session and downloadable Mp3 on "How to emotionalize your Mind Movie into your subconscious mind", where Lynda Dyer "explains the science of a Mind Movie and explores how our conscious and unconscious mind prepare and manifest our future outcomes. She helps you feel emotionally connected to these outcomes with complete understanding of how we achieve whatever we want once we grasp the concept of how and why it works."

In my experience Mind Movies is a state of the art program that takes goal setting to a whole new level. While we are always being told that it is essential to write down our goals, but most often we delay this task (and I am one of those who find goal writing a somewhat boring thing and tend to "forget" it), it is so much more fun to create a movie - emotion in motion so to speak, the direct way. Certainly not a replacement for the written first step, to work out the details, but a powerful companion, because it influences the subconscious mind directly, without first having to "translate" words into sensual imaginations. Remember, the subconscious mind speaks in pictures. This way it is also a strong helper for those who have trouble visualizing, as it trains to see and feel the desired outcome. It is goal setting and programming the unconscious mind at the same time.

You can upload your movie to YouTube if you want to publish it, and even convert it into Mp3 and load it to your Mp3 player. That's what I did, and this way, I can watch my movie before sleep, after waking up and take it with me, to give myself a shower of positive emotions and reminders on what I want to focus on any time and where ever I am. I have seen amazing results in a very short time.

You can watch a movie, created with the Mind Movies creation kit, here: Mindpowerjewels free movie gift for you

With this wonderful program you can create as many movies as you like, for each goal you desire to manifest, or all your goals composed into one movie, or even as a gift for your loved ones. Oh, and as a nice extra, there is a contest of the highest rated Mind Movies, the winner gets $5000.

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