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Distance Energy Healing & Coaching Service

Healing the heart service  Distance energy healing is a powerful and highly effective way of direct energy transmission,
completely independent from time and space. During a healing session I am serving as a conduit for universal energy, while the receiving client is in a relaxed state and uses the energy to re-align, clear or repair the energy-system.

Wether you feel stuck in past traumatic experiences, repetition of patterns that hold you back from enfolding your potential, emotional pain or unclearity, or you are going through difficult times and need a helping hand, or if you want guidance in your spiritual growth; energy healing can help you to solve these blocking disharmonious distortions in your system and re-align with your true inner self.

service  My Background
Coming from a medical background as a nurse in the past, I have been educated / initiated in different energy healing methods, such as shamanic healing, Chios™ Energy healing, Reiki master and have been successfully doing energy healing, coaching /teaching since over 30 years. However, I am not using a "certain technique", but have developed my own methods, which are flexible and depend on the specific needs of the client. I am working with direct soul-connection through the quantum field.


Margaret TestimonialWhen I read about the healings that you do I felt immediately drawn to contact you and ask if you could help me. When you wrote back and said that you felt an immediate soul connection with me and told me what you could do for me I was hooked. I have not looked back since. Jashmuna your healing session was absolutely amazing and your ability to heal me so deeply has really changed my life.
I will not be stopping at just one session and know that you will be a part of my healing process and my friend for life. I really cannot put into words my gratitude and appreciation and thankfulness for everything you have done for me. You really are a miracle worker and I thank you with all my heart and all my soul because the changes you have made in less than a week are awe inspiring. You have done such an amazing thing for me that I am now recommending you to all my friends will for sessions. Jashmuna really does change lives. Let her change yours as well ...its awesome.
Margaret Saunders, Victoria, Australia.
Margaret's Website
I have been highly intuitive since childhood, so, in the direct connection with the client on the soul level, I am getting clear insights, see blocking patterns and get direct knowledge from higher guidance, receive information from the client's soul.

service  Energy Healing & Coaching Combination
Although the energy healing session is being done while the client is asleep, so is in deep relaxation, it is not a passive process. What I am doing is a combination of distance energy healing and coaching. Healing always is a synonyme for learning: healing can only happen when the client unlearns dysfunctional patterns and transcends the core illusion of being separated, and relearns alignment to harmony i.e. re-connection with the true self.
In this sense spiritual reconnection is the centerpoint of healing, and so encompasses the process of awakening from the illusion of separation (the underlying core wound beneath all pain) into the reunion with the true divine self; guiding and empowering the client to get aware why (s)he attracts or causes that symptom / problem, to unlearn and release this program. This is the actual goal of healing, in my understanding, which has been grown throughout my own process, as well as working with clients and students.

service  True Transformation versus intellectual information
From the perspective of coaching I have found in my own experience that teaching alone with words, or usual coaching, can only guide so far, but it cannot really initiate a transformation, since it is only the intellectual level. The real change takes place on the energy and cellular level, otherwise it is nothing more than intellectual information, while real knowing happens emotionally, from inside out. So, a healing session works on different levels of the multi-dimensional being.

service  How does a healing session work?
One session includes
service  1. After your payment (see below) is completed, you will be taken to a form, where you tell me a bit about yourself. You tell me what specific theme you wish to work on, your needs and goals, what you wish to accomplish right now, what your current biggest challenge is etc. Also, you will need to send me an actual full-body photo, which allows me to "scan" your energy-bodies and make an initial soul-connection. If you already have a new photo, you can send it right in the first email, or you can also send it later, if any possible latest before the scheduled session.
I will then get back to you with suggestions on which day and time to schedule your session, and, where needed, further questions and/or impressions.

Important: one day before the arranged day, please drink a lot of fresh water, in order to prepare your energy-system for being receptive. Also, the day after the session you should avoid any stress, rush or anything that would distract you. It is a time that belongs to you, so you should gift yourself a peaceful time, allowing the healing energy to settle.

service  2. The actual healing session, that I will do while you sleep. During this energy transmission I will explore what I find in your energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul level, that may be out of harmony, or any blocks, blocking belief patterns etc., clear, restore and harmonize your system - depending on how I am guided on what you need - in your energetic level, cellular level, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, where needed repairing any distortions.
I am working from expanded spiritual consciousness, i.e. I am going into zero-point state and in connecting my with your soul-consciousness, the vibration of the higher consciousness is transfused to you. I cannot intellectually explain how this works, since its not my person who does it, its rather my divine self touching yours, embracing you with love, so it starts to unfold.
I just know, that this activates the true self in the recipient as well, by initiating the process of awakening from inside. Now, its not a quick one and for ever fix, in the sense of "fully awakened in one minute" - that would be against nature as it would rob you of your own alchemistic transmutation and therefore consciously remembered innate wisdom and power. Every human being has their individual process and time, since it does always also take the conscious discipline of training the mind, replacing thought patterns, transcending the limiting ego-self -discovering your true potential and becoming fully empowered. However, once the awakening process has started, you will be able to feel and "hear" your true self and receive guidance, letting go of resistance towards well-being and open yourself more and more to your deep innate knowing of your infinity and wholeness, love, peace and bliss.

service  3. When the session is finished, I will send you a detailed report about what I have found, what I have done in harmonizing, adjusting, repairing or clearing, and also what I have received in guidance that is recommended for you to do, that will further help you moving forward (for example specific exercises, flower essences, nutrition etc.)
So it is a very personal and individual one-on-one energy-work / coaching combination where I take you by the hand and guide you or assist you in regards to your specific needs. Your part is to follow through on your side, for example to do specific exercises, or apply the things that you are being recommended. These will always be things that I have received from your own Higher Self, who knows best what you need right that moment, so I am just a messenger. It is never force, but always a loving hint.

service  4. Up to five personal emailings, for whatever questions you might have, any further advice or guidance you might need, and where I will work with you and laser focus on getting aware of the things that are blocking you and solving them.

Do you have any other questions that I haven't touched here? Then simply drop me an email and I'll be happy to assist you.

Energy Healing Order


To request your energy healing session(s) please use the payment button below. You can pay using Paypal, which provides also a secure creditcard interface. In case you don't have a way to use Paypal, please contact me for alternative methods.

I am offering discounted packages, if you want more than one session:
1 Healing Session $135,00
2 Healing Sessions $230,00 - you save $40
3 Healing Sessions $350,00 - you save $55
4 Healing Sessions $470,00 - you save $70
For multisession-packages, the recommended period between two sessions is 2 weeks. So a 4-session package would give you 2 months of intensive healing & coaching.

On payment completion please be sure to click "Continue" in Paypal, this will take you to the form for sending me your personal details.

Healing session packs 1, 2, 3 or 4 sessions, please select

Energy Healing Order

Energy healing sessions and verbal, or written information/advice does not create a warranty or guarantee of any kind. Your use of any of these is entirely for your own risk. The whole idea is to support you and to teach you to take responsibility yourself. The last thing we need in this world is another person trying to convince you that (s)he is right and that you must believe what (s)he says. You create, and you are solely responsible for your own reality. The energy healings are NOT in any way a substitute for medical treatment. Should you suffer by any serious illness, please seek medical advice and treatment instead.
The purpose of energy healing & coaching is to support you solving emotional, mental, spiritual obstacles and to help you with your spiritual development. It is NOT meant for curing any illness, that needs medical healthcare!

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Distance Energy Healing & Coaching Service
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