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Harmonic Wealth - James Arthur Ray

James Arthur Ray is another teacher in The Secret and, besides Bob Doyle, he is my absolute favorite. His teachings are unique and extremely powerful, and he has the skill to get his point over with a fresh humor. It is a real delight to watch and listening to him. See for yourself in this short video:

James has committed his life to spiritual evolution and bases his teachings on more than 25 years of study. His approach to teach spiritual principles is what I would call the beauty of simplicity, as he removes the veils and puts it into practical context for the every day life. His programs have three main themes, which are practical spirituality, science of success, and, actually his core program, Harmonic Wealth. Besides programs, books, CD sets or DVDs, he also offers events and weekend courses.

His teachings are also based on Quantum Physics, which James has a unique refreshing way to explain, and show how the Law of Attraction works.
For me especially, the Quantum Physics part was extremely enlightening. Although I had studied it for quite a while before, I have never had such clear insights as to how our mind - universe connection really does create our personal world, and, more important, how we can practically use this knowledge to jump into freedom and live our true self. I found that once the rational mind gets some "solid" facts to deal with, so it gets finally involved in the spiritual ascension (instead of always being told to shut up), putting everything into action suddenly gets magically easy. James' teachings have a real unique way to reconnect spiritual truths with our natural desire to create a fulfilling life in our physical world.

James Ray's center point is, that balance is not a desirable goal, since balance would mean, non movement, a contradiction to life. Instead the real goal is harmony, which does not mean balance, but a fulfillment and growth in every area of our life. Where we allow the true self to express fully, we will experience fulfillment and happiness, so, in whatever area of our life we experience lack, health issues, depression etc., shows, we do not allow full expression and resist the natural flow of abundance.

His definition of wealth includes all 5 main areas in life that all needs to be in harmony: Financially, Relationally, Intellectually, Physically and Spiritually. Only if all five are reflecting our wealth, we experience happiness. Besides his live events Harmonic Wealth is now available as a home study course, which comes with a $500 voucher that can be used toward the tuition for the Harmonic Wealth Weekend. To read more please go here:

Other great programs that he has created are:

The Science of Success Learning System, that gives you the key to living The Secret. The course comes with 6 CD's and a workbook
Practical Spirituality is a beautiful book about how to use your spiritual power to create practical results in your life
The Million Dollar Mindset is a 6 CD + workbook program, teaching the principles of true wealth. A great course for developing wealth consciousness

Power Transformations is a 2 CD set of meditation techniques to access your divine powers

Collapse the World, a 6 CD set guided meditation /creation program. The word "collapse" refers to any current limitations - whatever they may be - and enables you to create "outrageous results both spiritually and materially".

These are just a few and my personal favorites, his very best in my opinion.
He also offers a lot of freebies, his ezine is highly recommended, and you may also want to check out free events or his free teleconferences.

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