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Emusic - Over 2.5 million MP3's

I joined Emusic over two and a half years ago, and, like usual, it came into my life most unexpected like a heavenly gift. It all started with a sign up incentive program, and actually I only joined for the bonus, intending to quit before the free trial period ended. Well, I had never heard about Emusic at that time and I didn't know what to expect. I must admit, I thought it was just one of those countless MP3 crap download sites with titles of new, unknown artists (and often a category of music that is way beyond my taste). How wrong I was! When I accessed my new Emusic account, I almost didn't trust my eyes. They had everything, really everything, you can imagine; over 2.5 million titles in each and every thinkable music category - known artists in classic music, pop, blues, new age music, and others.

Emusic - Paradise for music lovers Now, I am a music lover and any kind of new age music like meditation music, healing sounds, reiki music, etc. is my absolute preference, but I also enjoy classic music. Emusic is a never ending source for these, and they add albums every week from artists like Deuter, Kitaro, Jonathan Goldman, Diane Arkenstone, AH*NEE*MAH, Karunesh, just to name a few. It is impossible to ever get them all.

Well...the 14 day trial passed, and, two and a half years later I am still a happy member, and will remain so. Not only do they offer a never ending huge selection for every taste and mood, but the sound quality is extremely good and if you do not have a dogs' ears, you will not hear any difference between the MP3's and bought CDs. Second, unlike most other download sites, Emusic offers all downloads in MP3 format, no DRM stuff or other limitations. This means, you can burn your albums on CD as often as your heart desires, or load them on your MP3 player without any restriction - any player that plays MP3 can be loaded with the titles. And, yes, it's a monthly fee but compared with how much you would pay if you were to buy the same albums as CD, you get four times as much for that money. They have different memberships available; monthly, quarterly or annually. Depending on your membership type, you will get a certain number of titles to download every month. The only down side is that unused downloads do not roll over to the next month. So, if you forget to download one month, they're gone for good and you still only get the same number of downloads for the new month. But I am not taking this too much into account, after all, you always have a full month to remember, and by putting a note on your calendar, you won't forget.

The best thing is, you can join for free and try Emusic for 14 days. You get 25 titles of your choice, yours to keep even if you cancel after the free trial. If you love what you see and remain a paid member, you get 40 to 300 downloads per month, depending on which membership you chose. You can download single titles or entire albums, as you like. You can also buy additional so called "Booster Packs" i.e. additional download packs or gift memberships for loved ones.

Emusic gives you a comfortable download software (free of course), and every title that you download will be archived in your account, so, in case your download was incomplete, or you lose your files, you can go to your download list and simply download again at no further cost. As well, you can listen to every title before you decide to download it, leave ratings and reviews, create lists and bookmarks.

Emusic is a paradise for music lovers! If you love music, then what are you waiting for? Go claim your 25 free download titles, and remember, you have 14 days free to decide if you want to become a paid member:

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