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The Roar from Within - created by Larry DeRusha

When someone asks, "Who are you?" what's your answer? Most people give answers like: "I'm a banker, working in xy bank," "I am a work at home mom," "I am a sales person in..." What is your answer? Is this really who you are? Who are you, if you leave the identification with what you do aside? There is a big difference in the definition of the person that we assume to be, and our true self. The person is nothing but a collection of beliefs, conclusions and experiences, identifying with things we believe about ourselves and the world. We are not this person, but we are constantly creating this person, through which we express ourselves to the world. With this being said, is the person we create a real expression of who we really are? If yes, we are happy, and we are living our true purpose. But, if we are not entirely happy with anything in our life, we can be sure that somewhere we are blocking our true self from expression. This is the cause of all suffering and lack.

The Roar from Within Why are we here? Have we landed on earth just by accident? Is our existence nothing but a coincidence? This does not make any sense. The universe wouldn't even exist if there could be anything by pure coincidence. Everything exists for a reason. And every single being is a precious unique expression of the infinite cosmic spirit. Every one of us is absolutely unique, a special combination of experiences, thoughts, feelings, vibration and a special blend of colors which do not exist a second time in the entire universe. And, every one of us has a unique gift that we came here to share with the world.

Sharing our gifts means serving the divine source. But, how closely do we listen to our innate navigation system which is always present and guiding us? Sometimes it is not easy to hear our heart's voice, whispering gently, and clearly dig it out from among all the other voices - our criticizing, judgmental rational mind, our doubts, fears, the beliefs that we have adopted from our parents, teachers, friends etc. We need something that helps us turn the whispers into a roar. That is what the Roar from Within is all about.

Larry DeRusha went through a near death experience which led him to discover his true life purpose, the result of which is his gift to us: the course The Roar from Within. This course is highly recommended by Bob Proctor. It is an excellent home study course that helps you to discover your true life purpose by unlocking your hidden potential and using your higher guidance to find your destiny that you were born for.

The program includes the course manual, a companion workbook and a set of guided meditations. Optionally, you can add a set of recordings from Larry's powerful live workshop (highly recommended), and some bonus gifts.
The course is administered in short, yet powerful and easy to practice, lessons and exercises. They take you on the exciting journey home to your very own inner treasure and shows you how to embrace the true you and allow your divine gifts to flow into your life. You will learn to trust in your very own individual path and in your intuition, that guides you to accomplish what you are here for. Putting your discoveries into practice, you will soon find yourself supported in ways you never thought possible before. You will learn to understand that your heart's desires are meant to be fulfilled as they are the stepping stones to lead you to your purpose, and that it is not only your birthright, but your contribution to the universal service. When you trust in your true you and share your gifts, you give the best of you and naturally you will receive the best.

To me the core value is that the course is like a personal life coach that gently leads you to your inner wisdom. A coach that you have by your side as long as, and whenever you want. It clears the sky of the mind and blows away clouds and confusion. While it does not tell you any should or shouldn't, it empowers you to unfold and follow your own mastery. Finally, nobody other than you can know what you are here for, what your potential is and what is good for you. This course will help you to rid yourself from limitations, opinions, expectations, and beliefs that are not truly yours. Stop searching and start finding.
I just wished this course would have been there 30 years earlier - it would have saved me years of searching, expensive workshops, walking around the core instead of jumping right into it.

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