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There are a lot of sites that offer hypnosis audios, and it can become a costly thing to try and find the best. Some are quite good, some are nice but useless as they are not real hypnosis sessions. I have tried many, and the extract of the best are the two that I recommend here. Both are excellent, both by clinical hypnotherapists who really understand the matter. They are not the cheapest, but in my opinion it is wasted money to save a few bucks while getting lower quality. After all, hypnosis sessions are infusions going into the subconscious mind, so we won't feed us with lower quality. Only the best can guide us to the best results. It's our life - not something to play around with.

What can hypnosis do, how can it help us? Personally, I would rather call it "reprogramming," because hypnosis is not some extraordinary state. Simply put, everything that we perceive and everything that we experience is a reflection of an individual state of trance. Not two persons will perceive in the exact same way even if they're in the same situation, same place and at the same time. We base or perceptions on our individual filters. These filters are the patterns of our subconscious belief systems.

Patterns are programmed in the early years of our childhood. Children are in a totally open and receptive state, printable like a sheet of white paper. This is actually a highly hypnotic state of mind. These programs, adopted from parents and others surrounding us, sink into the unconscious, becoming automated reaction patterns, that, by the nature of the unconscious, are designed to protect us. They give us our foundation to navigate through the physical world. Just as we learn walking, and even physiological autonomic responses such as breathing, our heart beat, our brain waves etc. It would be impossible to control all these complex processes consciously (just try for a moment, to consciously control your feet to move while you walk - and you will soon get confused). So, these programs usually are beyond memory, but fully automated. You could say executing these programs is very much like a post hypnotic suggestion. However, the unconscious mind's job is not to decide which is of benefit to us and which is not. It's job is to serve and to execute commands - deciding, choosing and directing these commands is our conscious mind's job. How can we do that? First of all, how do we release old patterns that do not serve us well, that block us, that sabotage our goals or even make us sick? The easiest way is hypnosis. In an hypnotic state we can communicate with our unconscious mind and uninstall blocking programming and install those that serve us better.

Despite what some people might believe, hypnosis is not an unconscious state, where anything uncontrolled can happen. Hypnosis is simply a deeply relaxed yet conscious state where the directions of the conscious mind can communicate with the subconscious mind, due to a relaxed clear focus versus the stressed think-on-10,000-things-at-once normal mind state. It is an excellent tool to change almost everything effortlessly and quickly.

The two very best hypnotherapy sources I recommend, are Wendi Friesen and Steve G. Jones.

Wendi Friesen - Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Wendi Friesen - Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Wendi's hypnosis and hypnotherapy site offers a great selection of almost every theme you might want to deal with. Her audios are superb, her voice is gentle and loving, yet empowering and alive. She provides just the right mix. She offers entire programs, made of a series of building up sessions, like the Financial Abundance Program, Body Mastery Healing and Optimum Health Program, and many other complete programs as well as single sessions. Besides CD's, you can also buy downloadable Mp3's or "Wendi in a pocket," an Mp3 player loaded with short power sessions.
Her collection of Love and Sex hypnosis programs is very unique.
One of the many highlights on her site is her hypnoquiz, "Can you be hypnotized?" If you are unsure if hypnosis will work for you, or if you even think you cannot be hypnotized, take this quiz. You will be surprised, and you can learn a lot about hypnosis. The quiz alone is powerful, yet fun and not only reveals interesting new insights about how your brain works, but is like a short refreshing relaxation that will leave you fresh and empowered. And it is entertaining.

Whatever you need, - weight loss, improving your health, quit smoking, self-confidence, problem solving, abundance, self-growth, meditation, better intuition, relationship or even breast enlargement - (and much, much more - too much to list it here), you can find on her site. Just check it out. There is something for everyone and every circumstance.
You can also download a free Deep Trance Session, to try her out, and listen to her free live radio.


Steve G. Jones - Better living with Hypnosis
Steve G. Jones - Better living with Hypnosis Steve is a clinical hypnotherapist as well, and like Wendi's, his site offers about one hundred different hypno-sessions for just about everything too. His products are excellent. Usually they are all downloadable in Mp3 format, but if you chose to, you can also request a CD after ordering a download, which will be shipped without further cost (only USA and Canada). Almost all of his sessions come in two versions, Gold, the normal length version (about 28 minutes), or Platinum, the long version (about 1 hour). The long version has additional recordings, such as varied inductions & deepening, enhanced vocal smoothness, binaural beats/tones, stereo imaging, NLP future pacing, NLP analog marking, etc. It depends on your personal preferences which one you choose. You can only use the short version, or only the long one, or both. I have even bought both versions of my favorite sessions, for example the Abundance hypnosis, and found that it is perfect to use the short version in the morning before getting up, and the long version before sleep. The long version causes a deeper relaxation, and is especially designed to slide you into sleep while listening.

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