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Your Instant Life Revolution

When I found the YILR website the very first time, I was a bit skeptical reading the bold claim "You Really Can Transform Your Life AUTOMATICALLY And Without Willpower In Just Minutes!" Lots of products are trying to tell us "just set your goals and you are free in seconds," and well, we all know, it doesn't work this way. However, I felt that little voice sending these certain vibes through my energy system. I had asked to guide me to the most powerful tool that would help me to break free from a lasting past trauma. And this program seemed to be the answer.
Michael Norman , Australia's leading expert in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), is the creator of Your Instant Life Revolution. Reading what he has to say convinced me to try the program, so I ordered. And I am more than happy, I did. That was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life!
YILR is shipped as a CD and an additional big printed manual. The manual contains a wealth of additional powerful exercises that can, but do not have to, be used to support the CD experience. Right after ordering, I received the manual in PDF format. This allows you to get started in seconds. However, the core program is the CD. Already impressed by the manual, I couldn't wait for the delivery of the CD, and just a few days later it arrived.
Your Instant Life Revolution It is actually impossible to describe the CD program. It is absolutely unique and if I had only one word to name it, I would say it's magic. It is very simple to use: just choose a specific theme or goal you want to change or release, put on your head phones, relax and listen. And come out renewed, reborn and liberated permanently.
It's not hypnosis, NLP or even a guided meditation. It is rather a magical journey into the depths of the unconscious "database" for UN-learning dysfunctional belief patterns while learning what you consciously choose. Throughout three decades of courses, programs, books, teachers, techniques and so on, I must honestly say, I have never come across anything even close to the amazing power of YILR.

In my personal experience, 'Your Instant Life Revolution' has literally saved my life. Two years prior to experiencing YILR, I went through a forceful emotional trauma that disrupted my whole system and resulted in the darkest night of my soul. It was a hell of agonizing pain and depression. Whatever I tried, including trauma therapy, nothing could help permanently. I had used many different releasing techniques and self-hypnosis, but none of it really could liberate me. The entire situation was even harder to deal with because, through work, I was in daily contact with the person involved, and even with all my forgiveness, working to stay aware and willpower, it was still impossible to get detached - whatever he said or did or didn't say hit my core wound button and pulled me back into depression and loss of energy. YILR was the turning point. After two years of ongoing emotional agony, betrayed love, grief and pain, I experienced a real break through to freedom! After only listening one time, I could literally feel my soul breaking the chains and rising to be reborn! Not only had the ongoing repetition of the original traumatic event stopped, but I now found myself not reacting to the person's actions anymore. Instead, I could now choose how to respond! What a freedom! My power came back and the remembrance how I had attracted that traumatic event, taking responsibility and being enabled to release the underlying core wound and enfold my true self. Now, liberated from the automated reaction, I could even recognize the perfection in this situation, in scattering a whole bunch of old stubborn beliefs, and from here re-create myself and my life as I really wanted it to be.

This amazing program goes way beyond "releasing." It is the warp-speed device to effortlessly unlearn dysfunctional blocking programming and "install" the desired program. This makes it permanent and opens the pathway to expanded growth. I can't stop praising this wonderful program. It's simply brilliant and has already done a kind of miracle to me and lots of others that have used it due to my recommendation. It is definitely something that contributes to the awakening of humankind in terms of expansion or liberation of the true self. Michael Norman has created an outstanding jewel.

What can YILR help you with? It is completely your own choice. If you want to quit smoking, lose weight, release fear of speaking or any phobia, heal a stubborn trauma, or if you want to release disturbing habits or reactions, get detached from whatever, or just want to open your channels to receive more clarity and guidance from your Higher Self - you set your intention - YILR will guide you through. It is impossible to get out of the session without a profound change. It is the fastest and most effortless way to get rid of whatever stands in your way.

If you want to do something truly wonderful for yourself, gift yourself with this outstanding program. I guarantee you will thank me for making you aware of it.

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