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The Ascension Breath Technique
Copyright © Jashmuna Sabine

Ascension Breath I. History
The Ascension Breath Technique once was practiced in the inner initiation chambers of the Cheops pyramid in ancient Egypt. During a Ra Sheeba treatment (Ra Sheeba is the ancient Egypt version of Reiki) I found spontaneous access to a clear vision, receiving detailed instructions - or recalling an old lost memory.
We are living in a unique time stream on this planet, where the planet earth herself is raising her vibration and a global awakening of humankind is in process. Ancient knowledge, once only available to adepts in secret mystery schools, is now available to the whole humankind, now, that the united human consciousness is ready to undertake this quantum leap. The quantum leap into the awakening of who we are in truth, and who we have always been - emanations of the ONE Cosmic Consciousness.

II. Background
We are living in a time, where spiritual wisdom and sciences are going to re-unite again. Truths been taught by spiritual teachers since humans populate this planet, are now discovered by modern scientists. In the past the core purpose of every human being - awakening into the cosmic consciousness or re-connection with the divine source, enlightenment, may have been a passionate desire for the majority of seekers, but mostly accompanied by a taste of unattainability. At least by the mind's background noise like "far away, countless incarnations etc." The discoveries of quantum physics are now giving something solid to take hold of to the rational mind, therefore something achievable, that can be practically applied to our life - here and now. Once Laotze has replaced words like God with the artificial word Tao, to refer to the One, without generating limiting associations in the mind, to remove the veil of mysticism. The One, the One Spirit, Divine Source, origin of all creation - is the quantum field, from where all creation emanates and flows back to, that we all co-create with in every single moment of our being, to manifest the events in our lives. The quantum field is the zero point. Waves of infinite dimensions of possible realities, becoming shaped in particles at the particular point that we focus on, consciously or unconsciously.
We, as emanations of the quantum field, bear the seeds of all creation, ready to unfold into the divine blueprint inside our being. We are particles of the universal hologram, and each particle contains the entire hologram. Nevertheless we are using only 5% to 10% of our brain potential. And that means: we are already possessing 100%. Think about this! We couldn't possibly say, that we only use 10% without having 100%! That means, there is nothing to grow, to build, to develop, to add anything! What it takes is the opposite, we have to let go, let go of everything that limits and blocks the full unfolding of our divine seed. All those false assumptions which we have bought in through our early childhood suggestions, conclusions and conditions, errors that work out as dysfunctional patterns and self-sabotage. Everything that chains our power, and imprisons our spirit in the old known comfort zone, where we are not in the Now, but in a conditioned unconscious trance. This trance that is based on past memories, causing us to reproduce our false self-image and obstacles and therefore blocking us from using our free will while reacting unconsciously on auto pilot.

Our magnetic center stores the emotional energies that attract all the events, people, objects, and experiences into our lives. The magnetic center is our manifestation center. In it's natural state it is the zero point center, our soul star. The direct line to the divine source. It corresponds with our power center, the solar plexus chakra, and our emotional body. And, here lies our bliss as well as problems. Bliss, because in it's true nature the zero point is our innermost power of deliberate creation, our connecting line with the quantum field, through which we are supposed to express our true divine purpose, to manifest our heart's desires, joyful and creative. Problems occur if the emotional body is "damaged", due to negative belief patterns, limiting programming, unsolved emotional blocks etc. and, unconsciously, out of track, out of harmony, which causes feelings of lack, unhappiness, unworthiness, self-doubt, and fear. Then we vibrate just that, lack, not-having, fears and all negative emotions that rise from these. And as long as we remain in the unconscious state, we stay focused on the negative - and get exactly the reflections of this vibration in our life experience.

Is there a direct way to freedom? Yes. We have to raise our vibration and allow to let go of everything that blocks our zero point center.
The Ascension Breath Technique is a very powerful tool, for cleanse and free the direct access to the quantum field portal, so to speak, for getting a high speed line between our zero point center and the zero point field (quantum field) - or you can say, between our soul star and God.

III. Responsibility
This breathing technique should be handled with responsibility and respect. It requires the 7 lower chakras being open, in harmony, and that you have established a good grounding. Only when we have footing on our side of the bridge, we can build a bridge to the higher dimensions. While practicing the ascension breath, we will face our shadows in time-lapse, and it is important to be prepared. Releasing illusions means, that hidden unenlightened inner personalities will now come into the light of the consciousness, to be recognized, felt, and lovingly acknowledged. That is how they can be integrated and transcended. So be prepared that old clutter can come up - old unhealed hurts, anger, rage, sadness. Please be aware, to only observe, embrace with love and let it go. Just watch, like you would watch a flowing river: you simply perceive, acknowledge, but you won't let the water to carry you away, and you won't fight against it. Energies which were frozen for a long time, now will melt and can flow again, will become freed up and are available to you again.
It is also important that you set clear goals, because the more practice you gain, the faster everything you focus on along the day, will manifest. Therefore, make it a habit to switch your focus whenever you find yourself putting your attention on things you don't want. Get clear about what you really want in your life, so you focus on your desires - as it can manifest quicker than you think. And once the ascension has been activated, it can't be reversed. You can't just play with it and say, "let's see what happens if I ascend a bit", and tomorrow, "oh, I've changed my mind". When you have activated the unfolding of your individual divine quantum center into the cosmic quantum field, which is how God meant you to be, then you cannot stop this process, just as an acorn that has been planted into earth can't stop growing into the divine matrix of it's inherent oak tree.

IV. Preparation
To open and harmonize your lower chakras and cleansing your energy system, you can do the following light meditation.

1.) Energy Clearing Meditation
a) Find a calm place, sit with your back straight and your feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep breaths, let go your daily activities, just relax.

b) Imagine your crown chakra opening, like a blossom opening to the sun. Breathe in the bright white-golden light from the cosmic central sun, use your in-breath to direct the light through your brain, through every chakra, down to your root chakra. Hold your breath for a moment, use the root lock (contract your pelvic muscle) while you breathe out, slowly and gently, observing the light flowing up from your root chakra through your spine and upwards to your crown chakra. Release the root lock and relax.

c) Repeat step b) until you can feel your energy flowing from head to toes and upwards without it getting stuck somewhere. Do NOT go to the next step as long as you feel any blockages! Should that be the case, please take your time and listen into the blocked areas. Observe which emotions are coming up, which thoughts, send the light into these areas, gently and lovingly and allow it to clear, heal, and release the blocked area. Remember, you have the infinite Now, and there is no reason to rush. Practice this meditation for 20 minutes each day, until you feel your energy flowing freely. Tip: to support you in releasing the blockages, there is a powerful tool, that will not only synchronize your brain hemispheres but also help to resolve blockages in speed mode. Brain entrainment is like an inside massage for the energy system, and the best that I know and can recommend whole-heartedly is Quantum Mind Power (by clicking this link, you can read more details about my personal experience with it).
When you feel your energy flowing freely, proceed with the next step.

d) Expand the above breathing cycle. While you breathe in the light, direct it into your feet, through the roots that grow from your foot soles, into the core of the earth. While you breathe out, apply the root lock, imagine a spring of life energy, pouring from the earth core into your feet, through your legs into your root chakra. Breathe the energy from there all the way through your spine, upwards, through your crown chakra, to the eighth chakra above your head. Let the energy merge with the consciousness of your eighth chakra, that you can imagine as a bright sun.
Relax, allow yourself opening to receive the shower of brilliant light that pours out upon you and through your crown chakra into every cell of your body, your mind and soul, refreshing, healing, and empowering you. Repeat this a few times and enjoy the wonderful sweetness of unconditional love, that nourishes, carries and heals you.
Continue with this clearing meditation until you feel all your chakras being open and in harmony. To keep your energy system clean, it's good to integrate this meditation into your daily routine. Just as the body needs showering every day, the energy system needs it as well.

2.) Clearing your Magnetic Center
Once you have become familiar with the light meditation above, you can now add the Magnetic Center meditation. This will help you to get rid of all the emotional clutter which had blocked you from living your true potential. Together with the light meditation it is a great practice for stepping into your bliss by itself. And for the Ascension Breath it is a prerequisite. The best time to practice is right after the light meditation, once a day.

a) Lay down with your back straight, take a few deep breaths and just relax. Put your attention on your soul star, which is in the center of your body, also called zero point. If you "go" through your solar plexus, about 3 fingers above your navel, in the middle between this point and your back, inside your body, there you will find a tiny spark of golden light. This is your soul star, pure essence of your immortal being. To support you feeling your soul star, you can put the fingertips of both of your hands on the solar plexus point, to direct the energy flow.

b) Breathe in the light of the cosmic central sun into your crown chakra, through your spine, and into your soul star, imagine the sun's light merging with your inner star, and your star glowing brighter and brighter. With every breath you take, imagine the soul star expanding, becoming a bright glowing star, a sun. Let it fill every cell, every atom of your body, soul and mind, clearing, healing, strengthening your whole being. Your physical body, your emotional, mental, astral, causal and, finally, your spiritual body. Allow the light, the energy, love, and intelligence of your expanding soul star to fill and shine through all your bodies, in all dimensions of your being. To surround you, to pour into every area of your life. Do not force this, just allow it to happen. Enjoy, and when you feel ready, let the light merge back into your body, come back into your physical environment. Breathe, stretch and open your eyes.

As I said above, even without the Ascension breath, both meditations, combined, are extremely powerful and will open the portal of bliss. If you do them on a regular basis you will soon notice substantial positive changes, as you re-connect with your inner source of happiness. It is impossible to remain in any negative state - try it yourself!

V. The Ascension Breath
Now you are ready for the Ascension Breath Technique. The actual breath follows the shape of a lemniscate, the cosmic symbol of infinity. You will merge your breath with the essence of your very soul star, expand it, unite it with the Divine Source and anchor it in the earth's crystal core. The Ascension Breath activates all higher dimensional chakras, the primal divine code in the DNA and light body, the primal divine blueprint. It opens a powerful light-tunnel, which connects you with the source, the quantum field, and the crystal core of the earth. Before you go to practice it, please be sure to first have your lower chakras open and your energy field in harmony, and most important, to have a good grounding. This is crucial. Many spiritual people are having a lot of difficulties to manage their physical life, a very common symptom showing up as financial problems. This is due to problems of pulling the spiritual energy through the body to the earth. The spiritual energy remains in the higher chakras while the root is weak. This happens if energetic blockages remain unsolved, and grounding not established. True spiritual development however means, to bring the energy into our daily life, expressing it through our body, and enjoy our life by deliberately using our energy to create our heart's desires. We are not here to escape from our physical life - if that would be the path to enlightenment, we wouldn't have incarnated. Ascension does not mean, to leave your precious life - it means, to become the true you that you really are and live your heart's purpose right here and now. It means, to raise your vibration, making your channels completely free and open, so nothing can block your connection with the Divine One. So, if you are not fully grounded, please first practice the above meditations, before you go on with the Ascension Breath. Otherwise, in the best case, it won't work, or in the worst case you would collect more spiritual energy that is stuck in the higher centers. Again, there is no reason to rush. Give yourself the time you need, and you will be rewarded with infinite bliss!

Let's go to the technique.
1.) Breathe in through your soul star and direct your breath from there backwards, through your spine, and upwards to your eighth chakra above your head, hold your breath for a moment, and let it merge with the eighth chakra.
1a.) Exhale from the eighth chakra, through your forehead, downwards to your soul star, and from there towards your back, through your spine downwards to the earth core chakra, which is beneath your feet. Hold your breath for a moment, let it merge with the earth star chakra.

2.) Inhale from the earth core chakra, upwards through your front side to your soul star, through the soul star towards your back, and through your spine upwards to your ninth chakra.
2a.) Exhale from the 9th chakra - downwards front side - through your soul star - backwards and down your spine to the chakra beneath the earth star chakra (2nd earth star chakra).

3.) Inhale from the 2nd earth core chakra, upwards front side to your soul star, through the soul star towards your back, and through your spine upwards to your 10th chakra.
3a.) Exhale from the 10th chakra - downwards front side - through your soul star - backwards and down your spine to the 3rd earth star chakra.

4.) Inhale from the 3rd earth core chakra, upwards front side to your soul star, through the soul star towards your back, and through your spine upwards to your 11th chakra.
4a.) Exhale from the 11th chakra - downwards front side - through your soul star - backwards and down your spine to the 4th earth star chakra.

5.) Inhale from the 4th earth core chakra, upwards front side to your soul star, through the soul star towards your back, and through your spine upwards to your 12th chakra.
5a.) Exhale from the 12th chakra - downwards front side - through your soul star - backwards and down your spine to the 5th earth star chakra. The 5th earth star chakra is in the crystal core of the earth.

The cycle of the 12th chakra corresponds with the 5th earth chakra. Should you get confused the first times, please use the illustration above for your orientation. Once you have become accustomed with the cycles, you will see it's very easy. You will also notice, that soon the breathing carries you, so it's not longer you who breathes, but it will breathe you, like ocean waves that carry you gently.

6.) Once you arrive at the 12th chakra - 5th earth star chakra, you may repeat the complete cycle as long as you feel comfortable. If you feel ready, you can even expand the cycle beyond the 12th chakra, until you arrive in the Divine Source, and at the same, downwards through and beyond the earth crystal core, until it arrives in the Divine Source as well. This will close the circle. You will be guided in how far you want to go, please do not force it but have faith in the guidance of your Higher Self, who knows, how far. This will depend from the level of your ascension that is chosen by your Higher Self. If for any karmic reason you have to come back into the cycle of re-incarnations, you won't be able to close the circle yet.

Take care to always breathe relaxed and deeply, so that the breath is flowing gently. Be aware and lovingly respectful with this technique, use it with consciousness. It is very powerful and not for just experimenting. Use it only, if you are certain that you really wish to awake and to ascend. Raised vibration, faster manifestation, and substantial changes towards unfolding of your true self are inevitable. Wishing you infinite bliss, may the abundance of well being pour into your life!

Ascension Breath

Jashmuna Sabine is a writer, artist, life coach and workshop leader. Her soul name Jashmuna means "Abundance", it is her mission and life purpose to help others find their inner source of abundance. Visit her website Mindpowerjewels here.
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