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Emotional Cleansing and Empowerment Meditation
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Sunflower This powerful solar plexus breathing technique origins from Yoga. It is great for releasing depressing emotions and replace them with joy, alertness, and happiness.

Lay down and relax. Breathe deeply into your belly, as deeply as you can - take care not to get into tension, but just as deeply as you can remain relaxed and comfortable. Hold your breath a few seconds while you guide it into your solar plexus. Visualize your breath as a glowing golden light, that fills and cleanses your solar plexus, running through every nerve, clearing, and softening them. While doing so, gently say in your mind:

"Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Strength, and Power (or whatever you need right now)."

Breathe out, slowly and gently. Relax a moment. Breathe in again, repeating the above.
Repeat this cycle 11 times - not more, not less. Then simply let go and feel the sensations in your body. Simply allow the positive power to flow through your body and to fill your cells, refreshing your whole being. Maybe you can sense a wonderful glowing warmth.

This technique is a speed cleansing for the emotional body, and does miracles even if you feel depressed. Also, the solar plexus is the magnetic center, that attracts the events into your reality. So you want to cleanse out the emotional clutter, to broadcast emotions of well being and to attract the good things that you deserve.

Cleansing Meditation

Jashmuna Sabine is a writer, artist, life coach and workshop leader. Her soul name Jashmuna means "Abundance", it is her mission and life purpose to help others find their inner source of abundance. Visit her website Mindpowerjewels here.
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