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Light Protection and Cleansing Meditation
Copyright © Jashmuna Sabine

Violet Mandala 1. Sit comfortably with your back straight, feet firmly on the floor. Go through your entire body and relax every muscle, breathe gently. Sense your body from inside, be aware how your body feels inside. Don't judge anything, simply be aware. Relax, breathe, just enjoy.

2. Imagine a beautiful and peaceful place in nature, the bright shining sun pours white-golden light on to you. Light beams touching you, feel their warmth, the tranquil beauty.
Breathe in the white-golden light beams, deeply, from the top of your head to your toes. Breathe smoothly, imagine every cell of your body being filled with healing, cleansing light.

3. Imagine your body as a vessel, filled with light with every breath, do not rush, just breathe and allow, feel the wonderful warmth and the fresh life energy.

4. Put your attention on your crown chakra (the top of your head). Imagine a white-golden light column, going upwards from your crown, upwards through the roof, through the clouds and the earth atmosphere, through the solar system, the galaxy, into the center of the universe into the divine source, the spiritual central sun. The column flows into an infinite ocean of glistening light, the source of divine love.

5. Softly breathe in this loving divine light, through the column, into your crown chakra, through your body, to your toes. And further down the roots that grow from your feet into the heart of the earth. Breathe in the light until it reaches the heart of the earth. Imagine your body as a channel between heaven and earth, the light flowing from the central sun, through you to the earth. Feel the peace, the sweetness, you are completely connected to the all-giving, all-loving source of life.

6. Put your attention on your solar plexus, follow through the center of your body, imagine the sun within yourself. Breathe in the light from your crown chakra to your inner sun, and let your inner sun glowing brighter with every breath you take. Let your inner sun expand, until it fills your whole body and throughout your body. Feel the energy, the warmth, let it expand while glowing brighter. Imagine the light of your inner sun surrounding you like a golden sphere.
Say the following (in your own words, so it feels most comfortable for you):

"I align myself completely to the divine source, and I allow the healing light to wash through my body, mind and soul, to cleanse away all negative energies, blockages, and everything that limits the unfolding of my true self. I receive healing where I need it. I align myself to the vibration of the source of unconditional love and divine intelligence. I let go of all resistance and allow the cosmic river of well-being to fill every atom of my being, to support and nourish me. I allow love, beauty and grace infusing my life.
I accept that the light sphere protects me from everything that does not serve my highest good, and attracts (fill here what you desire to manifest) and everything that supports my well-being.
I ask to keep the protection of the sphere and it's attraction power until next time that I repeat this meditation. And so it is. Thank you."

7. Now come back, slowly, gently, to your physical environment. Softly open your eyes and look around, stretch your body, feel your feet on the floor. Breathe a few times and feel the peace inside, the joy, and the abundant life. Know that you are guided and protected. Know, that you are deeply loved, and that you do not have to do anything to deserve it - you deserve it because you exist.

At first you may need to exercise this meditation, until you know the steps out of memory. But with a bit of training you will see, that you will start to really sense the light energy, because along the time your vibration will raise dramatically. And your raised vibration will feel like coming home, a sweetness and an inner joyful peace, that shines through - this is the cleansing of your divine essence, that in truth you are. When you have practiced several times, you can do this meditation in just a few minutes, everywhere, any time. It is great if you are in a crowd, where dense negative energies cumulate. You can just close your eyes for a moment, visualize the light column, breathe it in, and in a moment you "bathe" away unwanted energies and build up protection. Be open for surprising blessings that can happen...

Light Meditation

Jashmuna Sabine is a writer, artist, life coach and workshop leader. Her soul name Jashmuna means "Abundance", it is her mission and life purpose to help others find their inner source of abundance. Visit her website Mindpowerjewels here.
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