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The Magic Basket - How to install Wealth Consciousness
Copyright © Jashmuna Sabine

You have read hundreds of books, attended workshops, listened to audios, thought positive - and still you are struggling to even make ends meet? Why in heaven's name can all the others easily manifest their desires, but you can't seem to make it work for you? What's wrong? Hold on - you are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you. Stop pushing yourself too hard. Remember, we all are just in the first stages of a new evolution cycle, where we right now start to discover the incredible power of our mind.
Once you understand how your brain is working, you will unlock the doors to your conscious manifesting skills. The myth of positive thinking has actually done some damage, because it made many people ending up in resignation. It is a frustrating experience if you think and think positive, feed yourself with affirmations, visualize - and nothing happens. Unfortunately most of us tend to feel like failures - instead of question if we already know the whole picture.

Fairy Lake Positive thinking remains bloodless as long as you do not FEEL it as well. Manifesting is energy based. The process of manifesting is in fact a transformation process, that transforms an idea into a denser energy: idea - thought - emotion - action - manifestation. With other words, trans - through - form - your body. Spiritual energy drawn through our body to the physical world.

There are three critical points in this process. The first is our existing mindset. If you have any past records stored in your cellular memory (or subconscious) that is opposing to what you desire to manifest, the energy flow through the form, your body, will be blocked and the blocking energy pattern will fight back, telling you, that it's impossible to fulfill, you do already know from experience that you can't achieve the desired goal and so forth. Mere positive thinking is trying to control and step over those emotions, trying to force new thoughts on to them. That can work for a limited time, but it is unnatural to control life, so eventually at some point the control breaks down and leaves you in even deeper hopelessness. So, do not ignore any opposing feelings! Instead acknowledge them, listen to them, what they are trying to tell you, embrace and love them. Do not stick on them though. If you are trying to resist them, you feed them with energy just like if you hold on them. If you ignore them, they will reflect in your outside life, until you finally embrace and love them, acknowledging, that you have created what you are experiencing. But if you love them, you integrate them and they can be released. There are lots of helpful methods, for example EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), self-hypnosis programs, breathing techniques, and powerful programs like those that you can read about in my Review area.

The second point is crucial. Realize that you, yourself, are the creator of everything that you experience in your life. That seems to be a tough one at first. You might say "I would never have created my health issues, or my constant lack of money etc." At first it seems to be difficult to understand that you should have created the painful circumstances in your life. But please think about this: will making others (your parents, teachers, society, weather,...) being responsible for your problems change anything for you? Certainly not, you can never have power over anyone else. But you have complete power over yourself. Taking back full responsibility means nothing less, than claiming your complete power! If you were able to create the problem, you are as well able to create the solution! Realize, that you have used your creative power unconsciously - and now you commit to yourself in learning how to use your creative force consciously! This is your quantum leap that switches your whole life from being a victim to being a creator. Therefore, appreciate as well your so called negative creations. Observe them from the view point of your divine self, without judgment - simply become aware of your creative force, simply see that you had the power to create. That will free your energy and puts you into the driver's seat.

The third critical point is maybe the toughest. If you want to create something, you need to transfer your command to every part of your manifesting center. Just visualizing or empty thoughts do not have the power. You have to pre-materialize the desired thing in your mind-emotion-body trinity. How do you do that? There is a principle in manifesting: first become what you want to have or experience, then act accordingly, finally you have the result. Now, if you are going to manifest something that you have had or experienced in the past, it is an easy thing. You certainly can list things that you can create very effortlessly. That is also why, as long as we are unconscious, repeat the same experiences over and over again. Why? Our brain needs a reference, so it knows what your command means in the brain areas' multiple languages. It refers to recorded information. But what if you desire something, that you have never had or experienced all your life? That is where the challenge lies. You have to create a new reference point first. That is where the magic comes in, where you have to use your most miraculous tool, your imagination. A reference point is a full sense blueprint, a template that your brain can use to build a materialized holo-experience that is reflected in your outside life. It needs an inner vision, and a vision is not pictures only, but first and foremost feelings. You have to feel like you already are the person who lives in the manifested desire. See, hear, sense and feel, and it must manifest. The great question is: how do you feel something that you do not know how it feels? It is like the installation of a new program.

Let me tell you a little story from my childhood.
In my family lack of money, lack of freedom, lack of everything was normal. I learned that my survival needs were met, and nothing else was to desire, whatever I wanted, I couldn't have it. And I learned that I had to work and do things that I did not love for getting something. When I was about 5 years old, I watched a fairy tale movie in the TV, and that was a day that I will never forget. I do not recall the title of the fairytale. But I still see it's scenes just as alive as 45 years back. It was about a poor fisher and his wife. They had nothing to eat, just a little hut, no money, nothing. One day a pixie came to them and gifted them a basket. She told the man, that the couple's life would now always be abundant and happy. The man brought the basket home, and he and his wife did as instructed by the pixie: they spoke out a wish - and out of the basket it came! They wanted a delicious meal - the basket gave them wine, bread, fruits. They wanted new clothes - the basket gave them the finest dresses and shoes. They wanted gold, the basket was filled with pure golden coins. The magic basket...
Watching this, something came into motion deep in my very cells. A burning desire, so loud, so intense, so exploding! A longing, almost painful. I wanted such a magic basket, I wanted it more than anything else. And somewhere deep inside I knew without a doubt: I actually owned a magic basket. I promised myself, to go and find it. And if I would have to travel to the end of the world - finding the basket would be my life's path. Because, well, if you have a magic basket, you have everything! You don't have to wish anything else. Because the basket can produce whatever you can think of.

This was the first push into my spiritual discovery that I consciously remember. And the longing in my heart never quieted, it guided me, and you know what? I found the basket.

It's time for you to claim your magic basket! The simple fact that you have been incarnated on earth shows, that you have been blessed by the pixie. You carry the basket with you all the time, you have always had everything you ever could want. The magic basket is your infinite divine source of abundance. You are a particle of the whole, and every particle contains the whole. Listen! You already are who you want to be, you already have everything you can dream of. You just have to align with your source and receive.

How to install the blueprint of abundance

1. Find and release your inner blockages
Listen to your emotional messages, for example, why do you live in poverty? Find what you are trying to avoid, what is the underlying gain (and there is one, usually based on a misinterpretation and a conclusion made in childhood). Maybe it protects you from taking over more responsibility, from showing up and being visible in the world, because, if you have money, and you can do all the things that you love, that would lead to public speaking - and that scares you. Maybe you believe, that rich people are evil, and since you want to be good, you are poor. Maybe you are afraid that people will only love you for your money. Maybe you spiritualize the problem, telling yourself, that being spiritual and being rich does not fit, that you will lose your spiritual path if you had money - a common problem for many spiritual people, that I have been through myself, and if that is you, I can guarantee you, that you spiritualize a lack problem here, originating from not being grounded i.e. energy is not harmoniously flowing but remain in the spiritual sphere. Spiritualizing happens, because if you are honest towards yourself, you would feel helpless, at first not knowing how to solve it. And yet, that is exactly your task, because all the wonderful spiritual energy is useless, if you do not learn how to ground it on earth - we are spiritual beings anyway, we are incarnated for the purpose to bring our true self into this sphere and express our divinity. NOT for keeping our spirituality in the spiritual sphere - there wouldn't be any reason to incarnate then. Wealth is the expression of connection with the divine source. You cannot be truly spiritual while being poor. Being poor (in any sense of unfullfilled desires, whatever these are for you) shows where you are not aligned with the spiritual source! Have courage, be honest towards yourself, and you will feel your power increasing.
Find your own blocking believes, have the courage to face your obstacles and make them your friend - by embracing them with love, they are your power. Release them and the creative power is again available.

2. Find something that gives you the feeling of abundance.
Learn to love yourself, give yourself what you need to feel good. Let go of the expectation that anyone else owes you love. You are the only one who owes you love! And you cannot give others what you can't give yourself.

3. Write a list of all the good things that you have, even tiny things.
You have a warm bed, a roof above your head, your coffee in the morning, fresh water for your shower. Go on to list all the good things in your life, your friends, your loved ones, your inner beauty...boy, will you find tons of things to be grateful for! FEEL the gratitude! Feel how rich you are! Wealth is really not about money, but it is your connection with the source of your very life...and you are alive, aren't you? Could there be any greater gift? Wealth includes money, but it IS not money. Once you can feel the wealth inside, you can manifest everything you desire. There you have it, the magic basket is within everyone of us. Our inner source of infinite abundance! Find your own treasure!

4. Find something that helps you to strengthen your abundance feeling.
For me there is nothing better than sitting on green grass among trees so rich dressed with green leaves - what a majestic abundance, you can actually breathe in it's essence, taste it on your tongue, drink it's energy. It is the "code" of the abundance "program" that you can directly implement in your inner blueprint.

5. Release what you desire.
Yes, release it. If you are holding on it, the message that you actually send out is fear. And you get what you broadcast. With other words, you want to focus on the joy of fulfillment, but by holding on, you focus on the lack of the thing that you want. Energy follows focus, manifestation follows energy. For example, if you wish to get a cup of coffee, what are you doing? You simply turn your idea of a coffee into imagined taste and just get your coffee. You do not hold on thoughts like "hopefully I can really get my coffee, what if I won't get it, I need it and if I don't get it, my life is unhappy, who am I that I could get it, I do not deserve a coffee..." - well, you get the picture, right? There is no difference between the manifestation of a coffee and a million dollars. It's just in your mind.

6. Be playful, do not take it so serious.
Life is meant to be joy, not "work". For example if what you wish is money, play with it. It's only money. Stop to anxiously keep every single penny - that is a message of lack, and you get what you send out! Instead, trust, that every dollar that you spend for something that makes your heart sing, even if you think you can't afford it, will tell your subconscious mind: I have the money to spend, I have enough - and that is what you get! Money is energy, it needs to flow. If you release it in exchange for something that you love, you tell the universe: I can afford to enjoy my money. And it will come back to you from another source again. Try it, it works!

7. Go into action!
Not a blind action. But get into the action to create value for others by doing what you really love to do! Trust that the very thing that you love most, that you are passionate about, is your greatest skill, your gift that you have to share with the world.
Are you doing a job that makes you feel like "oh nooooo, getting up again, again drive there, oh how I hate this!"? The paycheck that you get for such a job, does not have a high vibration, it's just "survival-food". We are not here though to just survive, we are here to LIVE! So, why are you here, what is it, that you truly love, what skills do you have that you can create value with? Do it! Know you are worthy! Get up and stretch out to your whole greatness, say "here I am, that is my work, my talent, and this is precious". Value that you receive in exchange for something that you love, does have a way higher weight, it is love charged currency, transmitting the vibration of gratitude, and such currency attracts more of this stuff.

8. Do not listen to nay sayers.
And you will meet them. Friends, family, associates, who all want to give you their "good advice", such like "hey, come down to reality, you cannot do that, you will only fail and then be disappointed, you should stay with what you have always done...blahblahblah" - avoid these people or get rid of them. At least do not allow them to pull you down. You are the only one who resides in your consciousness, it is your life, and only you can know what is good for you. Listen to those only who have achieved where you want to go and who can support you. But failures are bad advisors. Some maybe will leave you and free the space for new and more suitable friends. Some others may change with you and learn by your example. Accept whatever happens and trust, that it's for your best.

9. Get aware how you create your own life.
Find the occasions in your past life when you received something that you had desired. Remember the time, when these things still were wishes. What have you done before they manifested? Find the center point inside you where the vibration fountains from, that brought this very thing about. You had an idea, then you thought about it, and these thoughts attracted similar thoughts, so you got a bigger "thought-ball", you imagined how you touched it, tasted it, used it, how you would feel, you had an inner picture, played with it in your thoughts. You collected information about it. You did not hope, and you did not doubt, you did not just want...but you developed a decision, a purpose - do you recognize a difference? That is what leads to effortless manifestation. You have done it many times in your life - just remember.

10. Then the fun begins
- now that you feel abundance and found your inner joyful manifesting skill create the thing that you desire right now. You can do it!

Replace hope with decision, wish with vision. Hold your focus and allow your transformation. And wealth will reflect in your reality!

Installing Abundance

Jashmuna Sabine is a writer, artist, life coach and workshop leader. Her soul name Jashmuna means "Abundance", it is her mission and life purpose to help others find their inner source of abundance. Visit her website Mindpowerjewels here.
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