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You are the Miracle
Copyright © Jashmuna Sabine

Discover the miracle that YOU ARE
To be the creator of your reality means, to be an inexhaustible source of miracles flowing from your eternal self...

Lotos Miracle Almost everybody is hoping for a miracle. But this hope is in vain, a waste of life-force and precious time, which has been given to us, to stroll along the miracles of our lives. Miracles don't fall from the sky - to release us from our responsibility. Yet, we all are constantly living amidst of miracles. But how many people can see them? To be able to see, we have to use our child-eyes, and allow ourselves to be open for amazement. The eyes of the heart.
In our modern educated world we often think that we know everything, and we forget the marveling. We look for the big great special event, forgetting how precious and special life is. Life as is, a miracle. Childlike wonder is the foundation of respect, love and honor.

In our tireless endeavor to improve our life, to become more and ever more than we are, we only stumble deeper into the trap. But, there is nothing to improve, nothing to add, instead, all it needs is letting go, taking away and becoming aware of the simplicity of truth. Life is the miracle, simply open your heart, allow the universal abundance flow through you. Wake up, look around you and you will find yourself surrounded by infinite love and beauty.

Every day the sun is rising, shining upon us all, wind is blowing, flowers blossoming, our hearts are beating, sweet earth is holding us, following her planetary path - well, we know this all, we see it day by day, it's granted and we understand...really? Do we acknowledge it? Do we really see? Seeing means to wake up with amazement. Some people have lost their marveling at all. Oh, we are such educated people, aren't we? We know why the sky is blue, why the leaves are green, why the flower is blossoming. Our sciences have theories for everything. Do we really know? No, we don't. We cannot really know what makes the stars shining, what holds the planets in their orbits, why the sun is giving us life. We cannot be so arrogant to think we understand the Divine Intelligence, that makes the oak tree growing from a little seed.

And yet, beloved reader, I hear you saying "Yes, of course we know why the leaves are green, that is the chlorophyll..." - may I ask you, to quiet your mind, just for a moment, and open your inner eyes and ears, you will find them in your heart. May I ask you to forget all you have learned, that you believe to know. Now go beyond, into the innocence, where you don't know - but where you ARE...the inner sanctuary where you can SEE the miracle called LIFE.

The eyes of innocence enable us to see the miracles everywhere and to feel safe in the hands of this infinite majesty. And the honoring for all-one-life will re-awake. It is love. And only love knows. Love is reborn through innocent marveling, through honoring.

Do you seek a miracle? You don't have to go so far, only a few inches, into your heart. If necessary, just a few steps. To find a mirror...look into your eyes, into your soul - how is it possible that you are? And that you are aware of it? Is not this an incredible miracle? Does not this deserve your deepest gratitude? You are alive!

Every time when I say in my prayer: "Thank you, that I AM" a deep loving amazement embraces me: what a miracle that I AM. That I really AM. It is not for granted at all. My self could still be an atom in the water gruel, and how should I imagine, what it would be not to be. If I would not be, if my ray of consciousness would not exist, then there would not be an I to imagine. But I AM. The Divine Source has given birth to me, and I am able to create a person, to express my individual being throughout - this is so amazing, so miraculous, it IS a miracle!

Allow yourself the grace of remembering your childhood questions...what is infinity? What is beyond the universe? From where the Spirit comes? Why do the flowers blossom?
Not to get an explanation. No. Because the heart alone can understand the true answers...it is the soul's vibration, touching us gently from within and moving us so deeply...
These questions are expressions of a pure, innocent, boundless wonder about the majestic beauty of the universe, who's citizens we are. The beauty of sweet mother earth and the infinite skies, the rain caressing our skin, the wind playing with our hair, the sweet little flower... Expression of the pure open soul. They are a key to the true answer: to love and to see. In these moments we are back home in paradise. In these moments we realize God. When we look into the mirror.
Into the mirror of the heart...


Jashmuna Sabine is a writer, artist, life coach and workshop leader. Her soul name Jashmuna means "Abundance", it is her mission and life purpose to help others find their inner source of abundance. Visit her website Mindpowerjewels here.
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