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Unlocking Your Source Of Vibrant Health
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Vibrant Health The dictionary defines health as "freedom from physical disease or pain", and this definition tells us a lot about the belief of lack in our society. It does not only limit health to merely physical conditions, it also says "you should be satisfied with just not having pain or a disease" and from here it's no wonder that in our western world there is a pill for everything. We take a pill to conquer headache, to stay awake if we get tired when we dislike it, to fight a cold down, to calm the stomach...and billions of dollars are spent for developing new pills, against each and every disease, pills that often generate a new health problem, to develop another pill...Diseases and pain are disturbances, uncomfortable and we don't want to be disturbed in our daily routines, we don't have the time and we don't like to change anything.

service  Health is your natural state
Of course, health is something very different. Health means the free harmonious flow of energy through all dimensions of our being. Whatever disease exists, it's initial cause is a disruption in the energy field. When the physical body gets affected by a disease / pain, it means, it is the final manifestation of an energy disruption. In Chinese medicine such a separation between body here and mind there is unknown. Chinese medicine understands a human being as an energy-unit, that includes the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social dimension as an individual unique composition. From here, you may experience the absence of a disease and pain, but if you are not connected to your spiritual source, you are not really healthy. You may be physically in a healthy condition, but if you don't feel happiness, you are not healthy.

service  Erroneous Beliefs in the Collective Unconsciousness
There is a giant difference between curing symptoms and true healing. The physical appearance of a disease may have been cured, but as long as the underlying energy disruption and it's cause is not cleared, we cannot speak about healing. It is said, there are no diseases, but only persons who have a disease. This is true, and even better: there are only persons who temporarily experience a disease. Yes, temporarily, because no disease is infinite. Even if it is something chronic, life does always tend to re-create harmony and harmony is truth. While disharmony is an illusion. Even if a healing does not take place in the current incarnation, then finally the transformation that we call "death" will heal.

This means, you can have unconsciously created disharmonic conditions, rooted in an erroneous belief, which manifests as an experience of pain, discomfort or even disease. But you ARE not sick, the being that is the true infinite you, can neither be sick, nor hurt. You are an immortal drop in the infinite ocean of life, you ARE life. The first thing to do is to release the identification with the undesired state. There is no such thing as destiny, and therefore do not resign to fate. There may have been outer conditions that have triggered a disease, such as bad food, genetic factors, pollution and so forth, where the most dangerous is the panic generating media. But the cause is always, always inside.

Let's explore an example. It's flu time, and though there are outer conditions that open the doorways for catching a flu, like weather change, cold and wet weather, people around who keep sneezing, these things are not the cause for the flu. The cause is a common belief pattern flowing through the collective unconsciousness "cold causes flu", "people who sneeze infect others around" etc. Beliefs that are not questioned and "traditionally" have been given from one generation to the next. If you bought into this belief, you will eventually get infected whenever you get hit by cold winds or someone else starts to sneeze. There will always be people who never catch a flu despite cold and sneezing people. Why: do they have a better condition, and if so, why? They just do not catch the energetic virus of the belief pattern. I dare to say that this also goes for cancer. Whatever disease it is, it is just energy. Cancer is a physical manifestation of long blocked erroneous beliefs and suppressed emotions that disrupt the energy flow. But due to all these countless media reports of how deathly and incurable cancer is, a strong dark conviction has been created in the collective unconsciousness which is the actual root. What you believe, will be your truth.

service  Your Responsibility is your Power
The very most important step in healing is to accept responsibility for an already manifested thing, no matter if it is a disease or any other unwanted condition. At first you may not be aware of how and why you have created it, but accept that you have. Somewhere you have bought into an erroneous conclusion about yourself and life, attracted similar beliefs around it, blocked the energy flow until finally the manifestation occurred. Realize, that responsibility has nothing to do with guilt. Responsibility is the key to give you back your power. As you are the one who constantly creates your body - your body is simply a part of your mind in denser form - the same creative power you have used to create the disharmonic condition. Now, if you were able to create disharmony even though the true nature in the Universe is harmony, look what unbelievable things you are able to create! You are God and you were able to create something impossible! If you can create a disease, then you can also create health. That is indeed easier, because health does not need to be created, health is the natural state of your true being, and so all you need to allow is let go of the error that caused the unwanted and stop to picture yourself as being sick. Reconnect with the divine source and allow it to shower through your every cell, to solve that which your unknowing mind has created. Healing is established by the same creative power that has created the disease. You have the power to create miracles!

service  My Story
I have had my own share of disease in my teenage years, and as a living example for miracles, I am now here to encourage you.
When I was 19 and just a young nurse, I was diagnosed with a disease that I had learned about in the academy and couldn't believe that I was meant to go through something so terrible. The diagnosis Colitis ulcerosa felt like a death penalty. Why me?? I wanted to help others, but not to be sick myself! It was the heaviest form, my whole intestine covered by bleeding wounds. I was told, it is incurable, assumed to be an auto immune disease, and the only known treatment was dangerous chemicals or Cortisone and long term surgery. I was told to have a maximal life expectation of 10 years more before it turns to cancer.

Due to the wounds my system wasn't able to use anything from the food, and my body was starving despite food. The pain was agonizing. I lost blood every new hour.
After the first phase of "why me" I went into a new phase and that was I made a decision. Fortunately I have always been someone who questioned everything that others told me and explored it if it is really true or if there is no real proof. So, I came to the conclusion, that the medical world does only know about the clinical description and knowledge of former experts, but not about the individual that experiences it. They did not know me. So, nobody than only me can know or predict anything about me and logically nobody else in the Universe is responsible for my disease and for its healing than me. Somehow I had created it, so somehow I can also create my health.

The next crucial step was: acceptance. Not acceptance that I will stay sick. But acceptance for the already manifested condition. It was already crystallized into existence, so resistance or ignorance would not make it go away. I had to accept that it was now existent. I also accepted that I would die. Well, eventually I would leave the current incarnation anyway, and so why should I worry about the when. I was conscious about being an immortal spiritual being, so no need to be afraid. BUT, in the meantime I committed to myself to do whatever possible to live a meaningful life and to do everything to become healthy. The rest I left to the Universe. That time I started to meditate, and instinctively used my creative power to create a healer and a guide I could speak to and listened to advices. Soon miraculous things came into my life. I was guided to herbs and to certain herbs that I created my own therapy with. I was guided in dreams and into life changing spiritual insights. No longer focusing on the disease and the enormous pain, I felt more and more like being blessed with an exciting adventure, an adventure that led me deep into my potential, creativity, and spiritual wisdom.

And, an adventure that would gift me with invaluable lectures that would turn into a gift for the world. I learned how to heal with the power of my mind, and if I knew how I did it, I can help others to use their mind for their own well-being.

It wasn't a "get-rid-of-symptoms-fast" thing. It was a process of self-exploration, self-acknowledging, releasing dysfunctional beliefs of almost three years. And then one night the healing happened. I woke up and found myself in a wide and clear awakened state, however, my body felt completely paralyzed, I wasn't able to even move my eye-muscles. My eyes were closed but I saw the room around me and every detail. I had never before experienced such a state, so I felt very frightened, not knowing what was going on. I saw three bright blue-white light rays, directed on to my body, while unable to do anything. In total deep relaxation all I could do was observe it happen. Then I fell into deep sleep again. The morning I first felt very confused, since something was very, very different. Until I figured out what it was: no pain. I couldn't even remember how life feels when there is no pain, so it was like something so new that I needed some time to adjust. The next wondrous thing was, I felt a big appetite. And I enjoyed a giant breakfast.

The pain never came back, from this very day, no bleeding anymore. I gained weight, my cheeks became rose, my life energy increased - I was healed. A later medical check up showed there were not even any scars in my intestines, it was as if I never ever was sick. My doctor called it a medical miracle. Though, well, no miracle actually. A natural result of my own creation. Meanwhile I have exceeded the expectation of 10 years to over 30 years, and that in complete health. Since then the conviction that I am healthy and that I have the power to conquer each kind of disease is branded into the very core of my unconsciousness.

service  If I Could Do It, So You Can!
Now, do you think it was a rare miracle? Will you say, well, great for you, yeah, you could, but I am different?? If so, you are right - you always find reflected in your world what you accept as your truth. But from the perspective of universal truth, you are wrong. Because you are a drop of the very same divine ocean than I am. You have the same source inside you, as I have. You own the same creative power. If I could do, so you can! You do not only owe it to yourself to be healthy, but you also owe it to the world. Look, if you caught an error-belief out of the collective consciousness you can take it as a contribution to the whole, because you now can help clear this error. Every single one of us who picks and clears any of these wrong beliefs adds divine truth of health, love, abundance, happiness and well-being to the river of the collective unconsciousness. Every contribution has power to change the world, re-arrange the Universe and open the path into a new awakened humanity. And, don't you think, if the Universal power can create such a miraculous thing as our breathing bodies, planets, galaxies, that manifesting health is an easy job for the Universe?
It all starts with a choice. You choose what you want to believe. Believe in your healing power!

service  Steps To Unlock Your Healing Power
Here are the steps:
  1. Acceptance of the present state
  2. Responsibility for what you have created = empowerment for conscious creation
  3. Stop dwelling on the unwanted. Focus on the desired outcome only
  4. Connect to the divine source of your being and ask for guidance
  5. Act on the things that show up in your life on asking for guidance
  6. Have faith and leave the how to the Universe.
  7. Of course, stop doing unhealthy things. Do things that make you feel happy, take time for yourself on a daily basis, meditate to clear your energy system and have the energy flowing, while letting the healing power flow into your cells and atoms.

service  Healing Visualization
Here is a powerful little healing visualization that origins from the Kahuna system: Relax and feel into a part of your body (or emotions) that troubles you. Bear in mind, that your body is a part of your consciousness and every single cell and organ has consciousness. You can communicate with.
Ask this organ to show you which problem it has. Observe the images that come to your inner sight. The unconsciousness speaks in images. If you don't understand right away what it wants to tell you, ask to show you more details. Just let occur whatever shows up. Now re-design the scene until you feel that you have re-established harmony. For example, if you see some dark spots, you could imagine to take a cleaner and wash the spots away. If you see something broken, you could imagine to repair it. You can use any tool for this that feels right for you.
This little daydream sounds simple, yet it is very powerful, and you will be amazed about the results.

service  Meditation - How to connect with your healing power
Relax and take a few deep breaths. Say in your mind: "I am aligning myself to my Higher Self and the infinite Universal intelligence. I open every particle of my being and allow the river of well-being to flow through every cell of my body, to heal, clear and harmonize my entire energy system and guide me to perfect health" Let go, and breathe in the healing light, relax into it.

service  Recommended Tools
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a fantastic yet easy to use technique. There are a lot of wonderful resources, and the best that I can recommened to help you clear the blockages is Brad Yates. The program I suggest is named "Money beyond Belief" however, it is not just about money, it helps you clear out obstacles that hold you back from receiving abundance in general, and has a part "Tapping into Vibrant Health" The effect is truly fantastic.


All material in this article is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

Installing Abundance

Jashmuna Sabine is a writer, artist, life coach and workshop leader. Her soul name Jashmuna means "Abundance", it is her mission and life purpose to help others find their inner source of abundance. Visit her website Mindpowerjewels here.
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