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Surrender to Love
Copyright © Jashmuna Sabine

The Tibetan Book of the Death tells us, that we can only learn to live by learning to die. And it's true, if we cultivate the art of dying, we have the strongest medicine that will heal everything. It is the essence that unlocks the cosmic portal where the magic fountains from, the magic that will manifest the life of our dreams.

In one of her lectures Barbara Ann Brennan says: "Acceptance means to let go of control, deep self-surrender. The feeling of powerlessness, that seems to be "weakness", turns into a symbol of strength. It needs strong belief and great strength, to surrender to whatever is. What looks like a breakdown in powerlessness, turns into self-surrender to love and the cosmic power, which creates through you and surrounds you."
Rainbow What does this mean? The true you of course is immortal. But, if you find yourself in a seemingly unsolvable problem, in unhappy circumstances, if you struggle in despair without a way out - you can be sure, you are just exploring areas of your life, where you have not lived your true you. That is where you are trapped in a false self-definition, in an identification with a self-image that is not really you. And you have created your situation out of this false identification. Whatever you try to somehow overcome your problem, the more you struggle, you will only get deeper into the trap, further away from your true self, where the solution is calling you. However, there is a direct way out. Instead of trying to fight against outside reflections, you must let go of your identification. Now, the nature of an identification is, that you are not conscious about it, the moment that you realize, that how you define yourself is not the truth but just an identification, this very moment you are not longer trapped. But you get into distance between you and the thing you identify yourself with - and realize, it's not you. So, how can you do that? It's the art of dying, the red magic pill.

The Death Meditation
Ask yourself: "If (your name) does not exist, who then am I?", repeat this question and observe what happens.
In my early years I found a technique that I called "Death Meditation". I used it whenever I felt overburdened. That is how it goes:
Lay down and relax. Imagine yourself in a sarcophagus. You have just died and are letting go of everything behind you. You cannot take anything with you, not your personality, your name, your friends and family, not your material goods, nothing. Throw off all your burdens, you cannot take any weight with you - let it go, let it fade away. You are naked like a baby. All you keep is your true immortal being. Let go, let go. Imagine yourself falling, gently, slowly...you are falling, falling, deeper and deeper into the black velvety abyss. Don't be afraid, just enjoy the total letting go of absolutely everything. Surrender to the void. Feel your breath becoming lighter and free, enjoy how free you can breathe now. There is nothing that you have to think, nothing that you have to be, no person that you have to pretend to be. Let go all functioning. Just allow yourself to let go, to trust into the void. Trust the process. At some point you will feel pure relaxation, pure and free like a baby - there is nothing important anymore, you simply ARE. In the great NOW. That is all that counts. You are falling directly into the source of life. Surrender to the loving arms of the cosmic mother, who welcomes you, embraces you, and nurtures you. Allow the life force filling you - breathe deeply. Once you feel it's time, come back slowly and gently, taking the love with you.
Your view point will now have dramatically changed. If you feel scared the first time, just stop and try again later. Don't force the process. It's just your temporary self-image that fears to die, and the more you understand that you are not your self-image but the creator of it, the more your fear will melt and trust will grow.

Once we acknowledge our human weakness and let go of our false personality, falling into the arms of the higher power, like a baby, our soul can stretch out to its whole greatness and take over leadership. When everything seems to be hopeless, when there is no way out, when we feel agonized - what remains? All we can do is to endure ourselves, and the best that can happen is, if there is no distraction that we can use to cover the pain. There is no escape in the entire universe. There is no final death existing that frees us from ourselves. It is the soul who drives us into letting go the illusionary prison. Let go of your self-pity and ask yourself: "Who is this me? Who is unhappy?" It is not the real you! Whenever the false personality is breaking, it is painful. For the personality. But it has to die to set you free. Remember, you yourself have chosen your path and you are blessed because you are guided to follow it. You are blessed if you find your human weakness, because it awakens you into your true self. Once you realize that you cannot know or do anything without your cosmic connection, you transcend the veil of illusions. Be grateful if you come to the point of no return, the dark night of the soul.

Every pain in the world in truth is the longing for the reconnection with the source of life. And when the pain finally has grown to be too deep to be comforted by distraction, when you don't know back and forth, when there only seems to be the dark cold hopelessness, when you finally realize your powerlessness - this is your greatest chance. Because that is where surrender happens, and that means - healing. Deep, profound healing. Then you finally get out of your own way, and the entire fountain of healing, creative life force, that you have disconnected yourself from by your tireless busy functioning, can now fill you, heal and clear every particle of your being. When you fall, you fall into the center of your infinite source of healing life force.

The art of dying means the art of living. It means leaving the life-hostile "must-function" behind and coming home to the roots. There, where we are always nurtured with unconditional love and grace and filled with infinite life and possibilities. It means transformation. And from each of these deaths we come back empowered, renewed and wiser. If we say yes and trust in the process, we remain connected with the source. This is the true fountain of youth, the true elixir of immortality. No age, no burnout, no disease can resist it. This is the secret of the true alchemy. We always carry the whole universe with us, as we are a particle of the universe, and thus - we ARE the universe.

Here is a powerful little meditation you can do everywhere

Rest your hands on your heart center, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.
Now repeat
I let go, and I allow my divine self to flow through every atom of my being, filling my life with grace and everything that I desire. The time of fulfillment is NOW!

Surrender to Love

Jashmuna Sabine is a writer, artist, life coach and workshop leader. Her soul name Jashmuna means "Abundance", it is her mission and life purpose to help others find their inner source of abundance. Visit her website Mindpowerjewels here.
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