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for in the steady reaching for bliss, you must surely align with the Energy of your Source. And in the constant alignment your Well-Being is certain. But when you find yourself engulfed in circumstances that cause you to offer a vibration that is far from that of bliss, then reaching for bliss is an impossible thing, for the Law of Attraction does not allow you to make that vibrational jump any more than you could have turned your radio receiver to 101FM and heard a song that was being played on 630AM.
From: Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks - The Teachings of Abraham
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Hi, this is Jashmuna, and I welcome you to my site. I'm so happy to see you here. I've created this site because I'm incredibly passionate about spiritual growth, deliberate creation, co-creating with the Universal Laws, energy-healing and about sharing my treasures and helping others.

Let me tell you a bit on How you can benefit from being here.

service  This site is dedicated to YOU
in your journey for enlightenment and breaking free from limitations. You haven't arrived here by accident. The fact that you have arrived here shows that you have attracted an invitation; nothing less than an invitation to reconnect with your infinite source of well-being and live the life that you desire.

Emotional Freedom goal setting  How you can benefit from being here
No matter what your desire is - whether you want perfect health, deeper peace of mind, happy relationships, or more money - the key to deliberately creating the life that you deserve and desire is simply to align yourself with the natural state of your true inner being. Your natural being is Well-Being. You are invited to rest in the Now and drink from the well of light that we share with you here.

goal setting  How I can help you
Whether you are looking for information, tools, or programs that are truly effective to help you in getting the Law of Attraction working for you, or you are searching for soul-food, here you will find a treasure trove of the best, most powerful programs and reviews, articles, meditations, free books, and inspiration.

With so many choices in self-help products available, to pick those that are real jewels can become a confusing and overwhelming task. Before you spend a fortune on countless products that may turn out to be nothing but market hype only instead of helping you getting closer to your goals, let me share my personal experience of proven products with you in order to help you chose the right ones for yourself.

goal setting  Distance Healing/Clearing incl. personal 1-on-1 coaching
I'm also offering powerful distance energy clearing which includes personal 1-on-1 coaching. For detailed information, please click here: Services.


Margaret TestimonialWhen I read about the healings that you do I felt immediately drawn to contact you and ask if you could help me. When you wrote back and said that you felt an immediate soul connection with me and told me what you could do for me I was hooked. I have not looked back since. Jashmuna your healing session was absolutely amazing and your ability to heal me so deeply has really changed my life.
I will not be stopping at just one session and know that you will be a part of my healing process and my friend for life. I really cannot put into words my gratitude and appreciation and thankfulness for everything you have done for me. You really are a miracle worker and I thank you with all my heart and all my soul because the changes you have made in less than a week are awe inspiring. You have done such an amazing thing for me that I am now recommending you to all my friends will for sessions. Jashmuna really does change lives. Let her change yours as well ...its awesome.
Margaret Saunders, Victoria, Australia. http://www.BedtimeAndToiletTrainingSolutions.com.au

free download  My gifts for You
There is also a lot of free but valuable information here, and some special free gifts:
Mindpowerjewels Free Movie, that you can watch day after day which will help you to implement powerful manifesting statements without any effort.

And as another free gift, I am giving away my Jewels for Everyday ebook - a little exercise for each day of the month that will infuse your day with beauty, positive attraction power, and love throughout the entire day. I promise that you will love it.

I hope that you find this site to be helpful and interesting. Please feel free to email me with any feedback, or to share your personal experiences with the programs being reviewed here, or with any questions.

Don't forget to bookmark this site as it will be updated regularly and you may want to come back often.
Now - enjoy your stay here!

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